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Magnapyritor VS Dimetrocarnus (JWA Battles #18)

Welcome back to JWA Battles! The series that’s name is probably misleading now, since I’m not allowing JWTG hybrids to battle… but whatever, there’s usually a JWA fighter. Anyway, I’m sure we all know how the game plays just by looking at it, so I won’t waste your time anymore by explaining the rules (even though this wastes even more time.)

Last time, Utarinex took out Dracoceratops thanks to his intelligence and a slime block. Weird way to take someone out, but okey.

Anyway, this time we have a battle between two hybrids who are very similar except for one key component. Magnapyritor, the fastest synapsid to ever exist, and Dimetrocarnus, what is probably the strongest synapsid to exist.

Height: 8 Ft
Length: 15 Ft
Weight: 1 Ton
Bite Force: 1,150
Weapons: Teeth, claws, intelligence
Advantages: Speed, physical power, swimming, almost equal stats
Disadvantages: Bite force, weight, durability, Carnotaurus a better hunter than Irritator, can get impaled by the horns if Carnus gets the chance
One of the most popular uniques in JWA, and a fan-favorite by many, Magnapyritor is a hybrid of the intelligent Pyroraptor, the defensive Dimetrodon, and the fish eating Irritator? What does Irritator offer? Oh well, I’m guessing to make it bigger. Anyway, this thing is heavier, faster, more durable, and smarter than you may think it is at first glance. Despite having the shape of a synapsid, Magnapyritor fights like a raptor, using its claws to attack more than its teeth; although it does bite from time to time. It is also able to use its “JP Raptor Intelligence” to pin-point weaknesses in its opponents. This doesn’t exactly help it with way larger, way stronger opponents but is still a nice ability to have. Its bite force is slightly stronger than you’d expect simply because JWA/JWTG Pyroraptors are way larger and more powerful than their real-life counterparts. Jurassic World Irritators are also likely more powerful than actual Irritators, because JP Spinosaurus. Like any hybrid, it has its weaknesses. It is not the strongest of synapsids, not exactly the fastest, and not the toughest. Overall, Magnapyritor is a cunning and strong creature but is weaker against larger enemies.

Height: 9 Ft
Length: 18 Ft
Weight: 1.5 Tons
Bite Force: 1,500 Pounds
Weapons: Teeth, claws, horns, intelligence
Advantages: Size, weight, better bite, fighting skill
Disadvantages: Speed, physical power, can also be drowned if Magna gets the chance
Dimetrocarnus is a newer superhybrid created by ingen that uses the same DNA as Magnapyritor, but swaps Irritator for, you guessed it, Carnotaurus. This gives Dimetrocarnus a bulky build in comparison to other synapsids, and a lot more powerful. Its bite force is close to a ton, and it’s almost as fast and just as cunning as a raptor. Mix all that together, you get a deadly predadator. Jurassic World Carnotaurus’ can cloak, but whether or not Dimetrocarnus can is unknown, and for the sake of fairness, we’ll assume it can’t. Like any raptor hybrid, it is larger than it would be IRL thanks to Jurassic World Raptors’ sizes, although, like most hybrids, it has its weaknesses. Like most synapsids, it isn’t too good a fighter thanks to the clumsy Dimetrodon build, and hasn’t inherited the cloaking that would give it a major advantage against most foes. Overall, Dimetrocarnus’ intell is on par with Raptors’, but lacks a cloaking ability from Carnotaurus.

Magnapyritor can be seen emerging from the sea with a fish in his mouth, ready to chow down. Dimetrocarnus signals Magna, considering they share 75% of their DNA, that he wants a piece. Magna roars, not wanting to give the food. Carnus runs at Magna in JWTG special animation style and grabs the fish, fleeing. Magna chases down Carnus, catching up easily thanks to his superior speed. Magna swipes Carnus, causing him to roll over. Magna then picks up the fish, only to get tail slapped and drop it. Carnus hits Magna in JWA dimetrodon style, landing a critical hit. Carnus then picks the fish up and swallows it. Magna is angry with this and runs at Carnus, swiping him twice and grabbing his front leg. Carnus swipes Magna with his other hand before slapping him and causing him to roll over. Carnus finishes the job by biting Magna’s sail, only injuring him. Carnus walks away, roaring in JWTG style. Magna gets back up, and heads back to sea to find more food.

Ok, to be clear here, this is much different from Irritator VS Carnotaurus. Both synapsids had their own advantages; Magna having a great speed and physical strength edge with Carnus having a durability and bite force edge. Either could easily come out on top, but Carnus wins slightly more often due to his size, weight, and strength edges. Both have similar levels of intelligence and either will easily recognize that their sails are weak points, and biting there can mean a pratical death sentence. Both synapsids put up a good fight, but Carnus’ power and size gave it the victrory, making the winner Dimetrocarnus!


Do you agree with the results and calcs? Share your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to leave suggestions, for the next fighters will be revealed:

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Purrutaurus: Using Instant Distraction

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I think I did Edaphocevia already, but that’s 100% gonna be a second battle for it