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Magnapyritor vs. Tryostronix


I have both a lvl 23 magnapyritor and 23 tryo. I’m usually up against opponents with lvl 25-27 indo’s and 21-24 Tryko’s and Thor’s. I’ve been using the magnapyritor as my main immune, but have had limited success against these opponents (speed disadvantage with indo’s and damage/hp disadv with Tryko’s/Thor’s).

Is it better to dump magnapyritor in-place of tryo? I probably have enough DNA to level tryo up to lvl 25.


There are a lot of members with tryo on their teams, I rarely see any magna these days. It’s a little snack to pretty much all the other dinos. I benched magna when a L20 allosino killed it with no sweat :rofl:

Definitely go for tryo! In the long run it’s much easier to level up!


tryo for now untill magna gets a buff.


I wanna add a screen shot too!!

… my magna is brand new and I love it anyway!
I really do hope there’s a buff for it in the future.


Tryo hype!

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that tryko looks squishy… :kissing_closed_eyes:

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That’s what I thought… thanks guys.


A level 26 tryko, 26 Erlidom and a 28 indo??

You must share your T. rex hunting secret bro!!


Used to be the most common epic man


Have found 2 in rhe last week


Used to be 5-6 a day


im seeing about two a day and saw one at night lastnight


Yea i found one last night too. Was odd. But these 6 trex chances will help alot. Have to renew my vip so i can get 200+ on them

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Same Pat! I’m seeing about one or two trex and sinos a day :sweat_smile:

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its funny. i see more erlik then trex now :thinking: sino is a dream for me.


I’d be happy to swap sinos and erlikos with you! My erliko is close to L20 and I’ve been stocking up on Trex since the new update launched. My sino stash has been fortunate enough to never be depleted lol. I’ve only seen two wild erlikos so far… would be the best Christmas for an Erliko event.


and still not enough…


Hey by the weekend, you should be able to get plenty of rexys. Hoping great rng comes your way! :smile:

Mean while, I was out on a quick trip and stopped by Lowe’s to see if I could spot any Erlikos but no luck. Found an even rarer wild raptor though! :heart_eyes: Mother nature, gg pigeon :eagle:


cool it has food.

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they fly around here with squirrels in their talons. its so cool lol.

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