How do you know my sense<money? :joy::joy::joy:

It appears one of the best uniques. But does it worth the effort.

Please increase it’s HP!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Its hp is fine considering it cant be debuffed has good crit chance and strong moves all in 1


Amazing :heart_eyes: Cant wait to get mine! How good is it??


Literally has no counter considering it can nullify dodge/cloak/shields, shatter shields, faster than everything almost and cant be slowed or stunned :joy: all on top of hitting like a truck. You either 1 shot it or die/so weak next dino breathes on you


WOW! Thanks for information.
This Mangnaguys is Great .More HP will be perfect.


My favorite dinosaur in game so far, but i havent enought irritator dna to lvl my pyrrytator to 20 (atm at 19 whit 0 irritator dna)


Now magnapyritor can skill by instant change(1 delay)