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Besides having awesome colors and a heck of a bite, how much blood, sweat and tears would it take to get one up to 28-30 lvl battle ready range? I haven’t found a game calculator that takes into account fusing other Dino’s to get to this kind of Dino.


I think this would be really hard to predict since it depends on how lucky you get with legendary fuses and then unique fuses.

My case:
I darted 100% irri every event it was offered (been playing since launch) I Would get it occasionally from incubators but I don’t pay to speed them up. I tried dropping down the arenas for it a couple times but came back each time without much to show for it. But the generosity of my alliance and the fierce events that featured it were what really pulled me through.

Mine just turned 25 this week … after an extended run of terrible fusing RNG.

Thank you #SD!


I’ve been in a similar situation to Hersh, played since launch, smashed it at all the events, dropped arenas and had help from my alliance. However my luck unfortunately isn’t as good with fusing and incubators and mine is sitting a little under halfway through 23. The amount of irritator DNA you burn through is staggering, no idea how many incubators the top teams have been through to get theirs as high as it is.


I’ve started playing this game since ver.1.2, also spent all attempts on Irritator in every weekly event contain it.
Also bought all special rare incubators contain it.
(Yes only rare, not buying those epic or premium ones)

My Magna is now lv25, and I do some simple calculation to estimate DNA required for creating hybrids.
I think if I’m really lucky in the following DNA fusion, might be able to reach lv26 at the moment I run out of all Irritator DNA.

So if you used all event attempts on Irritator, but not buy those incubators or speed up arena incubators, I think lv24~25 should be the upper limit of your Magna.
(I don’t think any player will be willing to donate Irritator DNA to others :sweat_smile:)


I just unlocked mine a couple weeks ago. He’s still 21 and like 4-5 levels below most my team but he’s still very good thx to 1.6. I had to request irritator for like a month to finally unlock him. He does show up in incubators but unless you have very generous alliance mates or there’s a irritator event around the corner, it’s pretty difficult to level him up.


Mine’s battle ready at 23, at the 5000 trophy mark. It’s become my new starter.


There’s this app called JWA Field Guide. It’s super helpful on creature stats and it has a coin and DNA calculator