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Magnas and Rats and Thors Oh My!

Just played 8 battles in Library to get my DBI and it was awful. 7 out of 8 of them I came across heavily boosted Thors all with speeds of 135 and above, over half the battles also included the now obligatory Rat swap in and the stupidly speed boosted Magna too!
Haven’t we been here before about a year ago! And yes I know ‘ Learn to Counter’ you all say. I know how to counter Thors and Rats and Magna but should we really have to build our squads around 2 or 3 specific dinos and also have to gear the towards countering the boost factor too! I don’t want a squad of 8 dinos specialised to countering a select few. I would like to diversify and play the dinos I want!
I get that it’s hard for Ludia to balance everything out and I don’t expect there is ever going to be a time when there aren’t OP monsters kicking around but to feel the same frustrations now as I did a year ago is very disheartening. The variety of creatures in this game is amazing it’s just such a shame that it funnels down to the same ones again and again.
Rant over. Peace and love my fellow Dino nuts :slight_smile:


Meet speedy gonzales here lol


It’s become a playground for bored or incubator rushing endgame players… no need t be here. No glory in it, just stay out of there and have some sort of regular battle in Aviary :wink:


Library is just a cesspool.
I don’t have a speedy Thor and I refuse to use the rat. But my magna is a force to be reckoned with.

Has to be fast because of all of the speedy Thors I run into,not to mention the natural speedsters.
My Orion is even scarier than my magna…


Then you look at the top of the leaderboard and most of those people are running unboosted.


So you mean boosts a conspirazy !?

Haha. That would be fun. A whole arena with AI-bots playing with tons of boosts, to trigger the idea of buying boosts :smiley:

Yeah. Really! I totaly agree.
224 dinos…

And most of all players use 10!

How is that even fun?

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But If you’re countering Thor isn’t just 146 speed enough? Nothing wrong with It If you want It to counter other stuff too, but since you mentioned Thor…

I understand you friend, in my case I am in the Aviary I have creatures of level 20, 21 and 22. I do not go higher than that level because the money is scarce and I am focusing on unlocking all the dinos in the game, but the match is really bad again, yesterday I had a 5-loss streak in a row, after not playing 2 days in the PVP arenas, all the time I get paired with creatures with levels 24, 25 and super powered, it’s frustrating.

eliminate stat increases or not being able to increase standard speed. END

I also said that it’s got to be fast because of the other speedsters. I often face 150+ spd Orion, Erli, Spyx and other magnas.
If I want a chance to beat them, I’ve got to be faster. :woman_shrugging:

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You’ve got a real dragon over there.

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Thanks. It’ll have 160 spd by the time it’s lvl30.

True, i personally don’t bother boosting magna more than 146 because i want more HP and damage, but one day i met a 149 speed maxima in arena that killed everything i had left lol


Sheesh, speedy Maxima. :dizzy_face:

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Yeah I’ve never seen such a thing in my life :rofl:

You need to boost your team to counter the dinos you fight. If chompers are part of the meta, run cunning dinos, and fierce dinos to counter those that counter cunning, and resilient to complete your circle. If you want to aim high, you need to have your team prepared for all meta threats.

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May I present the solution?

I’m used to fully boosted teams, but after the shuffle I’m saving most of my boosts so I dropped to lower Gyro / upper Library… In these past two days I’ve faced 4 players with fully boosted Magnas that rival those I faced on the Shore… But after I take it down, the next creatures are all just slightly boosted or even completely unboosted… That’s the balance boosts bring

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Weird flex. Why, Idk. Speed ain’t that important for draco.