Magnipyritor is perfect

Just saying.

Also touramoloch sucks even worse in 1.5, save your gold and parasaurs

By the year 2021, turamoloch will be worse then irritator gen 2

How is Magna perfect? he got runty HP with no dodge or shields


I should have mine unlocked this week.

He’s fast enough, strong enough and thick enough to get work done, someone is getting dead

Allow me to be more productive.

I disagree. Granted, i never ever see if same level. But my team easily kills it on turn 2, having suffered 1 attack. I do run 3 129 speeders though.

Still, it seems subpar at tank busting unless it crits. It could use more crit or 1 more speed.

Just my opinion.


At 4900 he hasn’t disappointed, he’s not amazing, but didn’t break my heart

Maybe let it gain 3300hp.
3000 is too weak IMO.


And like everything around him got stronger… more health or more damage and some both. He was categorized as a loser of 1.5 by most.

Perfect would be +1 speed and a nice chunk of HP added.
As it is now, it’s… good?
I have it on my team at L23, and I love it, but it’s very underwhelming.


Touramoloch, diorajasaur, magnapyritor.

3 losers of uniques. :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Wouldnt say dioraja is a loser considering it has ferocious defense shatrering swap in counter Thats a very versatile item to have.

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Magnapyritor is far from perfect. For a Unique that is so hard to level up, it should be better than what it is. I fully agree with it needing a boost to it’s health, seeing as so many other strong dinos now out speed her.

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Is toura that bad still now? Thought the attack was going back up and was looking forward to using it as it got nerfed before I had the chance… that’s sly lol

when you say it’s good, they will nerf it

touramoloch is even weaker than monostegotop…

Hmm…I think I now have a strategy to save my team for when 1.6 comes out.(too late for 1.5 of course) Just going to keep saying my team is the worst.

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Erlidomi is bad despite that buff.
I-rex & I-raptor are also bad.
Bleeders make no sense.
Utahsino is still weak with 1590 atk.

Something else?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I think perfect as in balanced-ish. The opposite of say touramoloch or Tanycolagreus the other way

Magna needs 130 speed.

Much more sense to have the “who has a faster velo” determined by who got more of the elusive irritator than by who lives in Local 2.