Magnus 3 turn cursed raid strat

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does this actually work tho or is it a joke

Lol I see, at the very bottom

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If this actually worked I’d be in shock

DoT resistance: allow me to introduce myself

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How to tell that is fake

Level 1 lion


You have to allow for a little rng but that’s true for most strsts too

Oops meant to write lvl 6, posted the win below

actually, omg. what level is the lythoranx tho

It’s 10, but the photo quality is crap

ah ok, i was confused cuz i zoomed in and it showed an infinite sign.

It does like the strat shows… infinite level, health, attack and speed… also it won’t bleed to death in one turn so it’s nonsense

It actually is possible, but Lion HAS to critical on T3 or else you guys have to do another turn. Me and my alliance did it.

You realise this strat shows one move per round… right? It’s not 3 turns per round, it’s one turn and 3 rounds. It’s impossible cause next round won’t start until you’ve killed it and you can’t kill it with a single bleeding move.

I know that, you can do one turn per round, but if ML doesn’t critical on T3, you have to do 2 turns in round 3.

ML doesn’t move. It only prowls so it doesn’t do any damage. Only the croc hits… and it hits with a single crit on a base damage of 300… it won’t bleed CM in one turn.

Sorry, i didnt add in the second turn in the sheet, I dont really know the best way to work the toolbox. There were two more turns where since lythro gets hit by magnus due too the hp, lythro’s counter kills it. This happens each round on the second turn. Of course, this situation reqiures a little rng, since the attack is randomized

I just noticed something…

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Obvious joke guys. No point discussing it


Yeah we noticed that as well. Ironically the winning screenshot shows an infinite Lythronax as well