Magnus raid nerfed?

Magnus had 29247 health per round prior to this update. It has now gone down to 19220. Why changing it? It was fine before, now it’ll be way too easy


To compensate for having 14 rampage moves.


Not happy about this.

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Ya that kind of made a lot is strats kind of pointless and possibly irrelevant, shame Gem damage won’t be able to go down tho

Welp, at least mine still works, just gotta take out the stall turns

I’m perfectly ok with this, it was already a stupid raid with random rampage nonsense.


I welcome the change and am grateful for it. Thank you.

Just keep in mind how much damage you’re doing so that the Group Rampage and one of the healing moves is always available at the start of each round.

It’s a bit of tighter line, but if need be after the start, just have the big damage dealers go for their Strike type moves instead of Impacts (or Fierce Rampage) until the final round, and it should still be manageable.


Yeah, if anything should’ve been changed, it was the minions.

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It’s an apex raid, it’s supposed to be hard. At this point, unique raids have more health than this guy. This also ruins many strat, because the boss is simply killed too quick