Maiasaura is very underatted

I am currently levelling and boosting Maiasaura she has won me so many rounds even though she is still below team level. Last night I managed to defeat the rat too knew he would take it out I immediately swapped to her she stunned the rat and with instant rampage I killed it. :slight_smile:


Yes, indeed, although it’s underrated, it can save you from being under-ratted! Got it? Got it? Hahaha… haha… ha…


I love when people find value in non-standard dinos.
I often smile when I lose to teams with surprising things.

The great thing about your love for Maiasura is that she’ll serve double duty as both a battle arena and a tournament dino.

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lmao that’s why I wrote it :slight_smile: even though the rat is part of my team too.

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Yep her health is great too the only problem is all the DNA I have is from the incubators. Only one time I managed to find one in the wild.