Jurassic World the Game is working normally but isn’t it supposed to be in mainteanance?

It’s suppose to start at 8am EST. Depending on your timezone, it’s still 4 hours from now.


In 4 hrs from now
There is also a thread for the maintenance break
Didn’t need a new one


It’s 5:08 PM in my country.

Looks like you calculated with a wrong timezone. It should be enough if you search for “8:00 AM ET” with google. If you don’t use a vpn service, google will know in wich timezone you live and give you the correct time.

Yep. As others have said, right now at this very moment where I’m typing it is 7:06 am, meaning the maintenance is in 54 min. Depending on your different timings, transfer it to est.

It should be right now

And ot will take them 8 hrs to fix what?.. nothing. I never see any difference on gameplay or anything else. Hoping im just missing something

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As it was the case on last maintenance - it hasn’t started at 8:00 sharp. There was still time to use discounts in case someone intended to do so…


Already started now, got kicked out, just about to put a Dino in the hatchery and gone.

In all of my IT jobs, we always did maintenance on off hours. Here, they do them during peak hours for some reason.

Any bad bugs… we’ll fix them soon maybe.

Any bugs, that might help the players… like boss raids… disabled very fast.

What a joke.


Any symptoms of withdrawal yet? Anyone?


And do we know the duration? I was preparing for today to earn the VIP creature.

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Nah I’ve just tried. Clicking Retry is a game now.

And not so fun.


I guess it’s too late now: it lasted for maybe 20 minutes or so… sorry… :frowning:

Edit: I thought you tried to enter the game, so I misunderstood your post. :blush:


We should find ourselves something else to relieve our daily stress.


If it’s gonna be 8 hours (as announced), then we in Europe can forget about the game for today (unless we want to go to sleep a bit later than usual… :wink: )


Oh no. 8 you say. My personal chicken and I are sad now. We go and watch some movie then. Take care.

Her name is John. She likes corn. She doesn’t like maintenance breaks.


What is the maintenance for?

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I wish I could tell you it’s for an update, but @Keith said it’s not an update.

You are missing a lot. They did not say that they are fixing anything in this maintenance.

  • Databases need maintenance from time to time.
  • Server may need updates for their OS or other software parts that have nothing to do with the game, except that they are needed to keep the game running.
  • It could be even some necesaary hardware replacements.

So maintenance definitely does not mean that you will see some changes in the game. I totally understand that these procedures are necessary from time to time. Although I have to admit that eight hours seem unusual long to me.