Maintenance is over


Maintenance is over for me at least. Check to see if you can get on.


Quick no change of version. Yay and boo. :weary:

There is a scent strike tower. Some new content. But completed towers don’t disappear so blocking bug probably not fixed.


All my friends are listed as guests since lastnight and maintenance didn’t fix that either :disappointed:


That sucks. You are very unlucky with these bugs :frowning:


I can’t get on my friends at all it’s been like this for weeks and they’ve basically said they can’t fix it


No change. I was hoping for some sort of change or at least a fix to the Arena bugs. :frowning:


Completed strike towers still stopping us catching dino’s. Confirmed.


Trophy Reset happened


Did u uninstall then reinstall @Heather?


Ludia can’t get anything right…


Now I have nothing on that screen


Yes about 4 times!


Oddly I see everyone’s name except yours, you say guest


i dont see you at all and all my trophies ate gone


So weird, I’m gonna try uninstalling and reinstalling, I can friendly battle if u request me, but I cant request u


i think they fixed the damage indicator bug




Ouch, that is so annoying :open_mouth::frowning:


:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: I have no friends, I have no friends