[Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | August 28, 2018


We’re currently doing some maintenance work on the game and we expect to be back online at approximately 10:00 am (EDT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.


Thanks for update at this time(no sarcastic), in my last battle my rank got an exaggerating boost right before being kicked off by the update.:smile:


New content ? Or just bug fix ?


It’s for the launch of seasonnal tournament


We’re getting ready for the Seasonal Tournament.

You can find more info here!


Where’s my free stuff for being over 3500 i just loaded in and I’m back to 3500 but no prize. Just read that post and it explains it perfectly so thanks


“ * Trophy reset gifts for affected players will be sent in the week.


Hello @Glasgowpaddy,

Don’t worry! The rewards for being over 3,500 trophies will be sent later this week. You’ll find your reward in your in-game mailbox. Hope this helps and great work on the accomplishment :clap:!


Maybe wait to receive the message ? In what universe do you expect to have things in seconds ? They stated a message that will reach you sometimes after and the reset is just done that you already complain…:roll_eyes:


Reward is meant to be 500 rare dna. Get more from strike event now up.


Is the leader board acting weird.
2 minutes after reset.

15 minutes later.


I was asking the question not complaining so next time get your facts right ok sweetheart


Thanks mate although it doesn’t feel that much of an acheavment but thanks anyway :grinning:


Whoa, that’s an insane jump to make from 3500 to 4600. :thinking:

I’m guessing, in part, that the leaderboard is filling itself in as players are logging in and conducting battles. I just did two battles and had the little #1 ribbon for a few moments (before the leaderboard refreshed). Talk about weird… cause that’ll never happen again :rofl::rofl:


Hi @David_Courtney,
It looks like these players did not reboot their game since the maintenance. Once they reboot, they’ll be back at 3,500. The leaderboard should reflect the correct trophy count in the coming hours.


Okay. It’s not like they are going up.


These battles seem a lot tougher now the people I’m playing the last few battles have seemed more powered than mine so looks like I’ll be dropping way down from now on


Yeah, I was around 4300 trophies before reset, and I am currently in a state of “win one, lose one” and after filling up all four incubator slots, am at 3506.

Everyone I faced had a similarly-powered team, though I did lose to one guy who had a worse-seeming team, because I made two mistakes.