[Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | May 16, 2018


Due to a server issue, account saves have been rolled back to 5am (EST) today (05/16/18).

To compensate for your lost progress, we’ve sent a Rare Incubator via your in-game mail. Anyone who made in-app purchases during this time will receive their purchase via in-game mail.


Thank you for the rare incubator, but the rollback caused me to lose over 60 DNA from an epic dinosaur (Postimetridon) that I had obtained this morning. Is there anything Ludia can do to recover this DNA for me? These epic dinosaurs are very rare as you know.



I did not receive any incubators?


Because we are unable to restore the progress you made, the team has sent out the rare incubator you received. If you had made purchases between 5am and 11am EST, they will be re-sent to your account via the in-game mailbox. Thanks for understanding!


Yes, and I did not receive the rare incubator youre talking about


What if I earned an epic incubator right before the servers maintenance? It was the first time a friend of mine earned an epic incubator and it was taken from her. Plus, none of us have recieved the free rare incubator.


Hi, I earned an epic incubator before the maintenance and I would prefer to have my epic incubator back instead of receiving a rare incubator.

Moreover, I had not received the rare incubator either.


I’ll bring up this issue with the team. Thank you for your patience!


I spoke with the team! They said that if you close and re-open the app, your in-game mailbox will refresh and the incubator mail should be there. If it isn’t in your mailbox, please write to support with your 8 letter Support Key via the in-game FAQ or to support+alive@ludia.com.

Regarding any incubators, DNA, or progress made right before maintenance, this is included in the progress that we sadly weren’t able to restore. We’re very sorry for this and the team has done everything they can to help minimize the inconvenience.


Just to bring the good news; i have received my rare incub. Via mail, thanks! :wink:

But at first i was confused what the incub was about; so more information would’ve been welcome (without having to check the forum) ; or perhaps a link to the forum!


This is not good: I’ve lost more than is in one incubator, I’ve spent the half of day hunting rares and epics and evolving hybrid!
Plus you have at least to add one more day to subscription. Or I don’t know but VIPs definitely should get something in addition


I still havent recieved anything even after reopening the game this sucks i made purchases before hand and now ive lost eveything :rage::rage:


One of my children’s account has been reset. It requested him to confirm a name and presented him with the three starters

Can his account be restored?


I lost more than 5k DNA+epic+rare dinosaurs.I played so hard at 5am to 11am EST. And get nothing back. I did all special offers (spend money)


I think was a general bug, because i lose DNA too



Since the update now when I am in a battle it more often then not will not allow me to choose an attack… even my weakest one…this glitch is making me loose battles and is becoming quite frustrating…is there anything that can be done please