[Maintenance] Jurassic World: The Game | March 08th, 2022

Oh come on.

When will the discount be on Wednesday? If possible also in GMT? Same time as Tuesdays?

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Last time it was the same time on Wednesday that it was on Tuesday, for me that is 5am-7am PST.

@Keith please tell the team thank you for the early communication of this. If I can put forward a recommendation that when the maintenance is announced on the other communication channels (social media) that this piece of information is included with that announcement so players know and can plan for it.


What time is 8am in your country in Filipino time?

Note: I’m asking where your headquarters is so I can convert it to Phillipines Time.

the discount window will be the same time on Wednesday that it is on Tuesday, so whenever that is for your time zone just add a day and thats when the discount will be, this discount window typically starts at event roll over which is another way to target the discount.


I searched in Google and I got the answer.

Start: 3:00 PM
End: 11:00 PM

It is kind of funny, this is the only company I know of that does maintenance during peak hours.

In all of my IT jobs, we did them during off hours.


hullo so i was wondering of instead of doing it when i play the game the most (mornings) have the maintenance happen over night please i know your crew would be up all night but then no one has to wait

The game is played all around the world. There is always a morning, business hour or night for someone, no matter what time they choose for their maintenance.


There is an event reset time when most players play.

To claim it doesn’t matter when because someone will be affected is naive.

Also the hot times show the focuses of what time of day they expect players to play.

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The hot times might be offered at the lowest traffic times to try and drive traffic to those portions of the day.

We do not know if it is because that’s when “most players play”.

If it was my business I would offer hot times to drive traffic and spread out usage across a day versus scheduling them when everyone is already there. JMHO.

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All I can say is if I had to do maintenance during the day, much less for 8 hours, much less twice, I’d be required to move operations to the back up equipment.

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I did not say that it does not matter, I said that someone will always be affected, no matter what time they choose.
Thank you for reading my post so carefully and my apologies for being naive.


The Maintenance is taking slightly longer than anticipated no ETA is available yet. Apologies


And the game is back :slight_smile: thank you for your patience


So will be receive extra compensation?

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Still ain’t working

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so can i assume that the events of today are going to be kept around to be completed on wednesday as well, as work times for me basically mean that im not getting to complete them at all today if the game is still not up and wont get to complete them tomorrow before they dissapear since i will again be in work and not able to play until after the events finish. If not can i suggest that if your going to put a gigantic 8+hour maintenance onto a game in which people play in all manner of different time zone windows that you just make the tuesday events last for 48 hours so this doesnt screw anybody over?

500 bucks and 7500 lp?! Thank u Keith

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I lost the last couple of unlocks. No new SDNA.

My game feels like it lost 2 weeks

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