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[Maintenance] Lovelink | Scheduled Server Maintenance (November 16, 2020)

Hey there Lovelinkers!

Take note that there will be a scheduled server maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday November 17th, at 10 AM ET for approximately 90 minutes :clock10:.
We will keep you all posted on the status of the maintenance on this post and on Twitter!

Hello Lovelinkers! :revolving_hearts: Just to inform you all that the maintenance is still up. Stay tuned on this post for further updates. Thank you all for your patience!

Hello again Lovelinkers! The maintenance has been lifted and it’s time to get your swipe back on! :smirk: Thank you again for your patience!

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The way theres no stories you can keep the server down.

yes thank you :heart::heart::heart:

Will this fix the L1-5 error?

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I hope this will finally fix the L1-5 Network Error, it sucks when you can’t play the game for almost a month. Losing out on so many daily free gems, plus not getting to talk to our matches.

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Finally :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Hopefully we will get some of our favourites back too! They’ve been ‘away for a while’ far too long… :grimacing:

Thanks for the update! But it would be nice to know what the update consists: it is fixing some bugs? Are there new characters? New or follow up stories? From what I have seen, there’s no new content.