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[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | Alpha Battles Deactivation - October 9, 2020

Greetings Vikings,

We will be deactivating Alpha Battles at 11:00 am ET in order to properly investigate and solve the issues that some players have experienced with Alpha Battles. We estimate that Alpha Battles will be reactivated sometime next week. We will keep everyone updated with any information concerning its reactivation on this Forum post, as well as on our other social media platforms.

Some players have experienced crashes when claiming the 400 Alpha Keys reward that was sent out yesterday. We ask those players that experience a crash when collecting the 400 Alpha Keys to first relaunch their game to see if they have been added automatically to their Alpha Chests. If they have not been added or you experience any further issues with collecting the Alpha Keys, please contact our support team at

We thank you all for your continued patience in this matter and we appreciate everyone for reaching out to us about this issue!


Hopefully you’ll either fix or replace ShellFire the past 5 alpha my clan had it 3 times it is too powerful and buggy. Thanks


Don’t you mean alpha battles will be deactivated? You said arena battles 3 times in the first paragraph instead of alpha battles.


I think the wait is too long but… Finally a maintenance! And if you make it a successful maintenance, solve the game-breaking issues related to Alphas, it will be worth it at least.


I just want to say that we need more compensation for not being able to do alpha battle for at least over 3 days (assuming it will be back the earliest next Monday).

A lot of people, including myself, play mostly only alpha battles. And many of us buy flight club members or invest even more. Those investment won’t get a skip nor our game should!

If you don’t consider compensating us more, a few of us would like to ask for a refund for our money. For over the years, Ludia has proved to be incompetent and greedy over caring for the game and its players. There is no reason we should tolerate anymore. If you don’t do your job you shouldn’t get one to begin with. @Ned @Rose @Marcus

Show us what this forum is for — listen to what we have to say and save the game.


My only downside is that I cannot claim my chest. At least add some Fallfest Toothless tps to at least make it somewhat worth the hassle.

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If you work on alpha battles, please

fix the other bugs, too

AND add:

Leader-function: choose alpha level

  • ATM many clany struggle on a specific alpha level and get a verry boring win-loose-circle

New alpha levels

  • If we can choose the alpha level, it would be great for some top tier clans, to get a level above 10

better reward system

  • Add for example a alpha key shop where we can choose our rewards on our own

dayly buyable alpha attack

  • we often get the clan pack on the “wrong alpha” and we don’t need 3 per member, it would be better every member could buy one attack, day by day, then 3 once a week


  • btw. it would be realy nice to have a co-leader function
  • a co-leader / champion can be marked by leader
  • a co-leader can kick members and let new members join

I wish that would be my / our only downside

Many like me, didnt even earned the last alpha battle keys and I didnt think we can do this after the fix.

We also couldnt get the keys from "earn 50 alpha keys / do x alpha attacks / win alpha fight / … " quests

Many loose round about 90-145 alpha keys day by day and lost many before because of all that bugs happen.

I also hope we want loose members/players because of the situation. Because Alpha fights are on of the best modes if this game.


Just no. If you can’t beat an alpha, get better or join a better clan. This is a participation trophy type mentality.

“My soccer team sucks, can we only play a team we can beat every game?”


To be fair, lower alpha lvl means less rewards

Personally I would like them to add more alpha lvls (I also kinda miss getting runes from the chest) and we REALLY need a new TP dragon from the alpha chest since this is what replaced the runes and alot of players have Maeve at 5*.


Sigh, we need bugs fixed and not a content update right now. It became way too broken… So now maintenance for Alphas will last a week.

Alpha levels are good as they are, in my community nobody feels like having new level added… Neither do I.

We should be able to choose clan level only because there’s no way to change privacy settings and when hackers mess with a clan too much, it has to rebuild from scratch and start from level 1 even if it’s top. That could by-pass the rebuilding.
Of course… Rebuilding is also a process that brings people together; I did it successfully, but it needs a care that some chiefs may not be able to give so I’m saying this for them.

Otherwise… Just grow better and reach the top. We all start from the bottom.

I dunno if this is you, Sir Usul, wanting the game to be like any classic wargame and “raids” that one can choose what raid to do and opt for what they can win, or else. Losing Alphas doesn’t have such a bad effect here. And you’re on infinites too so I don’t get why you’d worry about this

When you lose an Alpha, you just don’t get extra keys. In contrast, winning rewards you with bonus keys from the loot. Simple

Other clan features we do need but…

Bugs do and should take precedence.

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(The daily available energy would need an Alliance store that doesn’t exist. We should have one, but really, any upgrades to clans come after making sure the initial feature works as intended.)

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Я понимаю что в многих ещё нету дракона 5* с альфа сундука за очки доверяю, но хотелось бы чтоб добавили ещё какого нибудь.
Не по тебе альфы,но хотелось бы чтоб в будущем был “аукцион” где бы все могли выставлять лишних драконов на продажу.

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I hate that win-loose circle, it would be better for all those clans that cannot beat the 10star atm, if you can choose the level.

If you loose 3,5 alphas every week, you loose round about 1 alpha chest per week until you can win against the 10star alpha every day.

AND when we face our alpha again, it will be have a lower level IMO, as it had before thus, because the system is thinking, we are loosing atm. You can see it because the clanranking is loosing points every das

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Translated from Russian

I understand that many still do not have a dragon 5 * from the alpha chest for points I trust, but I would like to add some more.
Not an alpha for you, but I would like to have an “auction” in the future where everyone could put up extra dragons for sale.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.


By your suggestion, people should stay put at small levels, they’d not even try to get better. Trying to get to the top may as well be null if you always win anyway. In this game. Right now what differentiates level 7 from level 10 is the amount of rewards as well as the frequency of them due to the bonus keys.

Plus, level 7 means they defeat 6* and perhaps the occasional level… Get rewards higher than what they actually defeat. Wanna rob them of that?

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Its a little bit offtopic (perhps a mod can put it in a new thread?), but OK, here we go:

No, the leader can decide (perhaps after 3+ loose on lvl 7), that they will need some time to try again and choose until that lvl 6.
After a while, when they beat lvl 6 with many attacks left, he can choose to try more until they loose (for example) 3+ times against lvl 9, so they can do lvl 8 for a while without a win-loose-circle.

Trust me, a win-loose-circle is frustrating and biring and I saw many clans loosing good members on it, to clans that can beat 10 star alpha day by day. But IMO, that is not how clans should work.

Smaler clans shouldnt have a problem (win-loose-circle) because they can only beat the 9 star alpha…

But back to topic:

I am verry happy, that they try to find the new bugs and delete them, but I would love it, if they can patch the old (frustrating) bugs and add some new features, too.

I would also like a new set on alpha beside 10 star dragons

Perhaps alphas that are shielded from smaler dragons and/or can summon as special skill new dragons.

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I created a post in suggestions:

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As a person, if I don’t set a priority to look over I crash and don’t do my tasks well. Ludia shares this trait. Whenever we ask her to fix bugs vs new features we confuse her and hasty decisions are taken.

A little bit of practicality from community side would work better for all of us I think. 1) We want bugs fixed 2) We want more stuff

No matter what, who is bored is mostly bored because the game is consistent at getting more and more broken! A new feature without a complete fix predecessing it will not undo anyone’s boredom. Same + new bugs every time that make the game unplayable

So just fix the bugs Ludia; new features need to be based on functional old features. Or bugs get wilder to catch… As you know

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@SirUSUL that would be the best if we could choose our rewards since with higher tier clans are working hard to get those keys