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[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | Alpha Battles Deactivation - October 9, 2020

Я понимаю что в многих ещё нету дракона 5* с альфа сундука за очки доверяю, но хотелось бы чтоб добавили ещё какого нибудь.
Не по тебе альфы,но хотелось бы чтоб в будущем был “аукцион” где бы все могли выставлять лишних драконов на продажу.

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I hate that win-loose circle, it would be better for all those clans that cannot beat the 10star atm, if you can choose the level.

If you loose 3,5 alphas every week, you loose round about 1 alpha chest per week until you can win against the 10star alpha every day.

AND when we face our alpha again, it will be have a lower level IMO, as it had before thus, because the system is thinking, we are loosing atm. You can see it because the clanranking is loosing points every das

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Translated from Russian

I understand that many still do not have a dragon 5 * from the alpha chest for points I trust, but I would like to add some more.
Not an alpha for you, but I would like to have an “auction” in the future where everyone could put up extra dragons for sale.

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By your suggestion, people should stay put at small levels, they’d not even try to get better. Trying to get to the top may as well be null if you always win anyway. In this game. Right now what differentiates level 7 from level 10 is the amount of rewards as well as the frequency of them due to the bonus keys.

Plus, level 7 means they defeat 6* and perhaps the occasional level… Get rewards higher than what they actually defeat. Wanna rob them of that?

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Its a little bit offtopic (perhps a mod can put it in a new thread?), but OK, here we go:

No, the leader can decide (perhaps after 3+ loose on lvl 7), that they will need some time to try again and choose until that lvl 6.
After a while, when they beat lvl 6 with many attacks left, he can choose to try more until they loose (for example) 3+ times against lvl 9, so they can do lvl 8 for a while without a win-loose-circle.

Trust me, a win-loose-circle is frustrating and biring and I saw many clans loosing good members on it, to clans that can beat 10 star alpha day by day. But IMO, that is not how clans should work.

Smaler clans shouldnt have a problem (win-loose-circle) because they can only beat the 9 star alpha…

But back to topic:

I am verry happy, that they try to find the new bugs and delete them, but I would love it, if they can patch the old (frustrating) bugs and add some new features, too.

I would also like a new set on alpha beside 10 star dragons

Perhaps alphas that are shielded from smaler dragons and/or can summon as special skill new dragons.

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I created a post in suggestions:

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As a person, if I don’t set a priority to look over I crash and don’t do my tasks well. Ludia shares this trait. Whenever we ask her to fix bugs vs new features we confuse her and hasty decisions are taken.

A little bit of practicality from community side would work better for all of us I think. 1) We want bugs fixed 2) We want more stuff

No matter what, who is bored is mostly bored because the game is consistent at getting more and more broken! A new feature without a complete fix predecessing it will not undo anyone’s boredom. Same + new bugs every time that make the game unplayable

So just fix the bugs Ludia; new features need to be based on functional old features. Or bugs get wilder to catch… As you know

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@SirUSUL that would be the best if we could choose our rewards since with higher tier clans are working hard to get those keys


Any eta for the return? We are losing Alpha points like we’ve been losing battles, and also losing keys to open chests, thanks

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I REALLY REALLY hope that there is an amazing compensation package going along with this. Its the 12 and still nothing. Not even an update. This issue isn’t the players. I realize your trying to make things better but it would be nice to have some kind of idea where you are perhaps a daily update?? Too much to ask? I think not. Also. In your update. It would be nice if the leader is gone for a certain period of time, (i dunno maybe 2 weeks absence) that the next highest player became at the very least the temporary leader with the same authority. My leader has been gone for months there are several absent players that im unable to remove so new members are unable to join. Please consider this?? Thank you for taking time to read this


@Jason our Clan points are falling during maintenance, does it mean that after maintenance is over our Alpha will be lower lvl then it was before maintenance started ???


I am worried about that, as well as members going inactive because of the duration of the maintenance. My guess is we don’t necessarily need to drop, it could be just that the Alpha battle section is not in sync with the clanlist section because only Alphas are under maintenance. That means that once the maintenance is over and those 2 features are linked again, perhaps the game will understand we didn’t have any Alphas to lose. It is possible.
But it also is possible that the maintenance registers as lost battles permanently, though it won’t be fair at all to lose battles we couldn’t find.


Do we know when maintenance will be completed? It’s almost a week

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Тоже бы хотелось узнать!

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I don’t understand Russian…

Translated From Russian

“I would also like to know!”

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.


And an update on the maintenance progress please? @D.H


Can’t sleep so I logged on to find out any updates but so far see nothing.

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Yeah, they should give us at least a rough estimation. We’re at sea as it is. It’s been days…

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Right. It’ll have been one week on Friday so I am hoping by then since they said “next week” sometime. I have some members getting fussy about it.

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