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[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | April 16, 2019


In preparation for a new game update, we’re required to perform some maintenance work. We expect to be back online at approximately 4:00 PM (EDT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your patience!

Update: We’re back online! The new update is slowly rolling out, so make sure to update your game before playing!


A heads up or warning ahead of time would have been nice so that we could set up things to be happening while y’all are working… The game my husband plays gives notice and loot for the inconvenience… Just a thought.


Why last minute announcements? There is no meaning for this. I could have used my energy and lost energy just started the game then maintenance notification.


And that’s how i lost 30 gems, thanks for advice In time…


Hey Vikings,

Our apologies, we’ll send out a notice in advance for the next maintenance!


So when you finish working will clans be available or this update is just a preparation for it ?

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Can we have the patch notes now or will they be posted after the maintenance ends?
Sorry just hyped for the update, i can’t wait. :grinning:


Clans will be available.

We’ll let everyone know if this changes.


The Release Notes will be available once maintenance ends.


Okay thanks !


Will the game client update be released immediately after the end of maintenance?


Should be! Check your App Store or Google Play, the update will roll out slowly once maintenance is over.

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For some games i’d played before that gives a 3 days advance notification of upcoming maintenance, they always gave some energy, runes and resources, sometimes a free draft ticket. maybe we could get some of those, this time around… and of course to celebrate the new clan system also… just a thought…


As much as I appreciate the new content, you still haven’t fixed the gamebreaking enemy dragon energy bug? Or even remotely balanced the enemy quest dragons? There’s a stark difference between, say, 4x 1050 Fanghooks and x2 1250 Skullcrushers with 2x 1250 Charsouls.

I wonder if you’ve fixed the Mythic Murmurquill…