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[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | April 17, 2019


Vikings, we will soon be performing a maintenance break to fix some of the issues you’re presently encountering. Thank you!

  • Alpha Dragons with negative health points
  • Alpha Battle issues
  • Dragon abilities are reset back to lvl 1

Update: We’re back online. Thank you for your patience!

Battle alpha clan
Server Maintenances Unannounced

the negative health issue is solved and my story mode continued but i didn’t get the rewards for beating the boss, help please?

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Same to me, I been working for the reward and it’s gone :frowning:

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Hey @Roxxxstar, and @Melanie_Dominguez. Could you reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can have a look at your account? Thanks!


It’s still not showing that an alpha battle is available for my clan

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I just did, hope it gets sorted out :slight_smile:


I just did too, hope they can fixed :heart:


devs, did you fix the ability reset problem on all servers with all the accounts? or you just fix some accounts players reported with the support key?
all of my dragons still level 1 ability

don’t ask me for the support key, I want this problem is fixed with all the accounts affected
if you can’t, that’s so disgusting


This never affected my account.


Was part of the “it’s all purple” glitch found and thats why its now normal again?


I’m sorry to hear that there is still an issue with your dragon’s abilities, @hpvn9x. However, in order for our team to assist you further, you will need to email them your support key here at Thanks!