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[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | April 26, 2019


Vikings, we need to perform a short maintenance break around 9:30 AM (EDT) to keep the game servers running smoothly. The game will be unavailable for a short period of time. Thank you!


hope it will be a confirmation button to use runes.
i had lost 2000 runes from accidentally pressing the 10+1 basic draft.
the customer service give me back 500 first time round. 2nd time, i don’t get my hopes up, as the email said “give back half of used runes this time only”

popular request should be applied sooner. not in this case. maybe because of accidental press, you guys could make some more money? i don’t think that way though, so i hope this feature will be applied soon.

not just for the drafts. but everything that will use runes like restarting the events also need a confirmation button.

just like when asking for refilling energy, there’s that button we need.


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