[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | June 18, 2019


In preparation for the new game update, we’re required to perform some maintenance work in the next few minutes. We expect to be back online at approximately 3:30 PM (ET). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your patience!


  • Android: Back online! The update is now available in your Play Store
  • iOS: Still under maintenance. The update is slowly populating the App Store

Update #2: We’re aware that the iOS update is still not available on the App Store. We’re still investigating. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!


finally, a correct maintenance timeline… if the changelog is right, it will be well worth it.


Any news on the iOS update release time?


It will either be by 10pm Pacific Time or else around 4am Pacific Time

Although it could be sooner than 10pm Pacific Time.

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are those of us on iOS going to get some kind of energy compensation or some other kind of consideration for the extended delay? Many of us plan carefully around updates and maintenance interruptions and we are now losing energy accumulation as well as clan alpha attacks while this continues.


we already lost 2 alpha attack not only energy :smiley:


and now collect coins, fish, did not count toward the duties progress, i got astrid at 12/15k coins just before maintenance. and now i played the repeatable quest twice @2k coins, should be done, but it still says 12/15k, amd i need it desperately to finish since hiccup got 2/3 duties now… my clanmates said their fish also did not count toward duties, please fix it asap and give me my lost progress…


Still no iOS update available, any news on an ETA???


I’m having the same problem

That’s not cool at all in my opinion. A ton of the players in your game are iOS users, me being one of them. If you’re company can’t figure out how to upload the contact to both the play store and the Apple store, then maybe developing apps isn’t for Ludia. Apple players are getting the shaft while Android players are able to progress and reap new content rewards. Updates need to be more forthcoming for fairness to all players


iOS update now availableIMG_4995

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Not mine yet :confused:

@Ned @Marcus

FlightClub not available in iOS?

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After the update my quest earn 30000 fish does not work, completing 3 fishing expeditions has resulted in 0 obtained as well as collecting fish results in 0/30000

I tried to subscribe too and just get an error, plus I don’t see anywhere to get the trust points from the story mode for current progression for Toothless.


At what stage do you get toothless trust points? Also, where would they be credited?

I’d like to point out that there are grammar mistakes in the game now

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Hello Vikings,

Our team will look into Flight Club for iOS first thing tomorrow. Until then, I currently have no answers on why it isn’t working.

Please also check out the missing toothless trust points for iOS users. It’s very frustrating.
I was down all day… won’t get half the stuff from the new update and feel that as a PAYING user (have bought a lot of *) I think we should be compensated for your inability to get iOS up and running on time


@Marcus[quote=“Marcus, post:20, topic:89152, full:true”]
Until then, I currently have no answers on why it isn’t working.

It may be due to the app was approved but the in-app purchase may not have been applied in the app store yet. (IDK if thats what happened but its possible)