[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | June 18, 2019

Not only iOS users haven’t received Toothless TP

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I’m sorry that you were the one android user that got shafted on the toothless points along with all the iOS users. My roommate had a message in her terror mail with her toothless points and she got 600 trust point. She is an android user. I am a iOS user and I had no toothless trust points sent to me. Plus several things in my app don’t work, such as fight club and frozen quests to name a few examples. I currently have four tickets in with nothing but automated responses from the app. This is all on top of ALL iOS users locked out of the app for 8 hours whereas Android users were only locked out for 2 1/2 hours.

It’s was over 12hours downtime for iOS…

Many android users didn’t get trust points

Iphone user experience:

All of my android clan members got their Toothless trust points in a letter, none of the iphone users have yet.

Some of the textures look really messed up on the dragons that did not before. For example check out your Radiant Skyglow and Gladgut if you have them. Gladgut’s eyes are so pixelated he looks like he has no pupils now. They are both covered in huge ugly pixelations. RSG now has a weird twitchy animation that she didn’t before. Why did they mess with this stuff?

Alpha battles are still freezing at the end for me.

Feels like they spent more time adding premium monthly services than fixing things.

So far the only issue that has been fixed is the Fight Club. I still have a frozen quest for Hiccup, still no trust points for toothless, and can’t see who is my clan is online nor can they see when I am on.