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[Maintenance] Titan Uprising | September 24, 2019

Vikings, the maintenance for update 1.7 has started. We expect to be back online before 3:00 pm (ET). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

As a reminder, all quest events will start later today at 4:00 pm (ET).

Thank you for your patience!

Update: We’re back online! Update 1.7 is slowly rolling out, see you in the Arena!


Slowly is right… any word on Apple AppStore availability yet?

Why is maintenence taking so long? Just a question

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Vikings, we’re aware that the Arena update is still not showing up for iOS players. We’re keeping a close eye on the App Store. Thank you for your patience!

i hope thos time not 6 hours different :smiley:

@Marcus thanks for at least acknowledging the discrepancy… I’m anxious to see the new material!

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I hope so too!

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@Marcus so, check here and you’ll let us know when it’s up there?

we are still waiting and I think the game update should come at the same time. It’s happened before.

So I am not seeing the update available in the apple app store. This is the second time since I have been playing that android users are getting the update first and I am locked out of the game. I know that android users have the update because my roommate plays the game on android. This is really starting to irritate me about this game. For iOS users it seems that we don’t get access to the updates until 5+ hours after the time the company says the update will be available. What is going to be done to compensate the iOS users for the inconvenience?

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This made complete injustice injustice @Marcus

Hey Vikings,

To clarify the situation a little better, we’re definitely not favouring Android players over iOS players. When the update is ready, we push it to both of them. Now, once that’s done, it’s really in the hand of the app stores to roll the update out. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control on how long this process might take. We hear your frustration and we’re doing our best to get the update out for our iOS players.

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Yes, if we don’t get in soon I won’t be able to play until tomorrow morning, no alpha dmg, over 8 hours behind on new quests… I am on BST so it is almost 9pm here already.


@Zay20… so, it’s nothing new. I’ve been playing since update 1.2 or so, and it’s always been this way. Android users get it first, and Apple users get it… later. Sometimes an hour, sometimes up to 6 hrs. later. And, in my recollection, they’ve never offered recompense for the delay, so don’t get your hopes up. Let’s just hope it’s been properly tested to iron out bugs instead…


I wish this game could be well managed. the saddest part of this … I applaud the injustice done.:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: if the appstore problem, you should wait and present at the same time! @Marcus


It definitely seems like the android users are being favored. Last major update that came out, with the book of dragons, I was locked out of the game for 10+ hours and my roommate had access to the update during those 10+ hours. when I came back online my quests didn’t work and there were a lot of problems.


@marcus this has happened with most of the updates. And now it’s time to see who is top ranked and all the iOS players now have to wait to rank. Every battle counts and the Android have had a 3 hour head start. Why not wait to release the update untill there in both app stores? Just frustrating


Not to mention we are all so behind on alphas because of it

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Apparently it will be down to Apple putting it through their tests to make sure it is safe from a virus point of view. Just wish it didn’t take them so long…


So release it to each provider, and then when there BOTH cleared, release to public. Global releases for updates happen all the time, at the same time. Shouldn’t be hard. Just saying