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[Maintenance] Warriors of Waterdeep | July 28, 2020

Adventurers, the maintenance for update 15.1 has started. We expect to be back online before 2:00 pm (ET). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

As a reminder, today’s events will only begin after the update is live.

We’re back online! Update 15.1 is slowly rolling out. Make sure you update your game before playing, enjoy!


I’ve been trying to download the latest version sice yesterday, but when it reaches 100% it starts again from 0%. On the PlayStore.

Are you still unable to download the latest update?

Yep, goes downloading, and then starts from the beginning…

Can you check if you have enough storage space on your device? This might be the issue preventing you from downloading the latest update. I recommend you clearing your cache and freeing storage space. Hope this helps!

Checked that too… My device is a bit cramped up, but I got enough space to install the app… I’ve been updating apps all day, and the only not installing is Warriors of Waterdeep… And I’ve just paid 5.99 for the monthly pass…

That’s annoying.

Hey lavaapochi, I’m sorry to hear that you are not able to install the new update. As some updates are larger and require more space on a device, we recommend clearing up some more space on your device in order for the update to be installed properly.

If you’re still having issues after clearing up space on your device, please try restarting your internet connection and see if that helps.

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