Maintenance...was it scheduled?

Yes it is scheduled, check calendar on announcements section

Thank you!

would have been nice if that small note at the end would have been front and center and included a time duration.

Or at least a start time. I woke up to two unopened chests that are now just sitting in the ether, mocking me.

Agree especially since the calendar only came out yesterday. At least we have the new update to look forward to although even with that I’m unclear when the Raids and Rallies will start.

With a complete shut-down of non-essential workplaces in Ludialand, there may have been some wisdom in postponing significant changes until staff return.

This is of particularly note for WoW, which seems to have significant glitches with each update.

I suppose the temptation of implementing these news revenue generating tools was too tempting for the developer to delay.

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Still can’t get past initial screen … “under maintenance” …

Same here - except mine is “gathering information”