Maintenance was unfair


Hey. I know I’m not the only one annoyed by this but me and multiple other people were not able to finish our attempts at darting Gorgosuchus. To me this is a big problem because the chances of me ever finding a Gorgosuchus ever again are below 1. I was able to dart it twice but half way through the 3rd attempt the game crashed and had maintenance. I got 64 DNA on my first attempt and 56 on my second (proof below), and I wish to be given an extra 50 DNA for Gorgosuchus or an Epic incubator because of this. My name and ID is Verbosecake11#4301. I suggest just giving everyone an epic incubator to say sorry, but it is up to you. Thanks Ludia!


A little upset since the maintenance meant missing my normal hunting time before work but since the update came with it I was happy.


While we’re just getting stuff for free, I’ll take 500k coins for any random error that has happened along the way (you choose). Thanks in advance!


Lots of rural players lost their only Event Points within their reach, you missed one dino, we will miss weekly events for ever from now on. Probably will never be able to access the new strike missions either.