Major issues since the update-never get a turn


So when the update hit I started winning like crazy and I was right around 3000. I was somehow playing people with level 4 and 5 Dino’s, which makes no sense. One hit from a level 15 and you win.(BTW, I checked their level and it appeared same as mine).It then evened out and now it’s the opposite. None of my normal combos wins. I’ve lost like 10 matches in a row. The play isn’t fair either. I killed a stegoceratops with an einiasuchus. They subbed in a v-raptor. Why did they get two hits in a row? I didn’t sub out to make me lose a turn(used to always happen now only sometimes). They lost the fight and got to play their raptor twice? Which left me dead as I never got a turn. People are getting 4 and 5 turns against me without my ever getting a chance. I used to understand the rules, now i don’t. I have these Dino’s, I don’t get to play a stegosaurus for 4 turns consecutively, especially if the other player is faster. What gives?

Oh the game locks up 10-15 times a day requiring a restart. I have an iPhone and therefore cannot spoof, but somehow I caught a Dino yesterday while in my house, that appeared to be next to a river. No river here.