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Major losing bug


I just fought in the arena at about 5100 where the following happened:

I started with Utarinex, opponent with Trago.

I used DI, Trago used SS, i then stunned with IC and then used Impact and run into my Dracoceratops killing the Trago.

Opponent now sent in Dimodactylus who used short defence while i cleansed with Draco.

Now the strange stuff happened. I didn’t swap because Draco would survive a bleed from Dimo, which he used. I used accel. Strike. But then i tried to swap to my Stegodeus but couldn’t - because i lost.

The losing screen came up indicating my opponent won 3:1.

I was baffled and went to my recent opponents list to take a screenshot, which i did.

But when i tried to go to the map afterwards i suddenly was in fight again just early enough to witness my Utarinex dying against the enemies Stegodeus. Which now for real gave him the win.

What happened here???


It happens from time to time. I already won some of them (when your basic attack is enough to win the game) but most of the time yes it’s a straight loss…

I feel your pain.


I hate that!
Why do these bugs happen.
Usually, in a battle, the battle will break.
On your screen, your sucho bleeds the draco, while on the opponents screen, the draco kills the sucho.
It’s a bad bug that needs a fix.