Major Milestone Achievements

FIrst I just finished getting ALL the legendary’s to go with having all the commons, rares and epics.
2nd, my team consists of 100 PvP playable level 15 & 16 creatures to make teams with.

As much as PvP is NEVER boring for me, I really wish I liked that part of this game more.
I haven’t gotten the Daily Defense mission on this account in a week so I haven’t bothered to do any battling and I have soooo many creatures to play with.

I’m not sure what to do next. Making unique’s are a ways away looking at what I’d need so I’ll just hang for now.

For me it’s
First - a team of all L30 (if I wanted to play them all together, which I haven’t yet).

Next - with Diplo being dino of the month in August I will finally finish creating all the dinos!

I also have about 25 team-viable dinos from L24 and up.

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I have 2 unique’s I could start right now and a 3rd in a couple weeks after collecting Tenonto from alliance mission rewards. I won’t be creating any for a while.

100 Friends.

How do you guys do these cool picture galleries?

Excel and sniping pictures then pasting them into an excel spread sheet.


Congratulations, @Oriondestiny! I’m still missing some Legendaries. :sweat_smile: