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Major Proposed Changed to Game


Hi All,

Below is my final act as Ambassador. I promised to the team I would send my compiled feedback that I believe will revitalize this game into the success state it used to be in.

This will be sectioned out by categories and will be presented in the form of “patch notes” for easy reading.

I am sharing this with the community as well to get some insight and feedback.

Quality of Life

Weekly Event Schedule
• Dinosaurs that have more than 1 dinosaur in a rarity group should be split evenly among a certain timeframe to prevent needing to travel great distances for a 25% chance to find the dinosaur you want.
o Example: 4 common dinosaurs should be split between 2 days. 2 common dinos the first day, and the other 2 the second.
• There should no-longer be any gaps in event days where no dino events are present.

Event Supply Drops
• Event supply drops should be increased in frequency nearly 300%.
o The average distance between event supply drops is 400 meters.
o Lowers the need to compromise safety and drive to locations due to their low chance at spawning your desired target and the distance between drops.

PvP Arena

Adding Dinosaur “Might” Score
• Might is a new stat that compiled all stats into a single “Score”. (Health, Speed, and Attack)
• Might Score will be used to determine a new PvP Matchmaking Concept

Adding Arena Team Rosters
• Add 3 Arena Team Rosters that focused around different tactics and strategies.
o With the immense amount of Dinos in the game, it’s very difficult to limit it to just 8 and filter and switch through hundreds of dinos.
• Create different Teams with varied Might Score to create your dream team at all levels of strength.
o Many people want to use dinosaurs that are not “meta.”

New Matchmaking Concept
• Players are now matched based on Might Score.
• Players that battle with lower Might gain and lose less medals than someone who battles with a higher Might score.
o High Risk and High Reward
• Incubators are no longer based on Arena, but rather Might Score.
o 3 tiers of Incubators; with Might score ranges being the differentiator in rewards.
• Arena Stages are now only cosmetic. All arena stages are now in rotation at random, regardless of Might Score.
• Prevents players from “throwing” a match to lower their medal count.

PvP Season Changes
• All players have medals counts reset to ZER0 at each new season.
• Medal counts are ONLY for the PvP Season and have no effect on any other attribute of the game (Arena/Incubators, etc).
• Medal count gain and loss is based on the new Might Score system.
o Win with a low Might Score, gain fewer medals.
o Allows lower players to stand against higher players in the leaderboard if enough battles are won!
• PvP medals are retained at the “highest” point during a season for reward payout (a feature already being implemented!)
o Prevents the frustration of a losing streak.

Community Events

Double DNA Day
• Monthly community event where all DNA acquisition is doubled for 8 hours.
o Dart DNA acquisition and Fusion DNA Acquisition
o Allow new players to quickly catch up to the higher tier players and allows higher tier players to advance their teams.

World Bosses
• Like Jurassic World: The Game, create a World Boss that allows you to use all of your dinosaurs to deal as much damage as you can to the Boss. Damage is tallied up across the world and if the damage threshold is met, the Boss is defeated, and a Premium Incubator is awarded to all participants.
o Damage dealt to the boss is rewarded in Coins at a 1:1 ratio.


• Adding skins to the game to create diversity in dino appearances.
o Skins can be acquired via Genomes.
o Genomes can be acquired through various sources.
o Depending on the source, the skin genome type progresses different skins.
 Arena = Skin 1 Genomes
 Strike Events = Skin 2 Genomes
 Incubator Opens = Skin 3 Genomes
 Etc

It was a pleasure to serve as Ambassador. I hope this sheet assistance in the growth and progress on the game.

Take care and happy hunting!

-Ryan (DarthOnaga)


Would love to see the community changes. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Game needs more PvE content and other game fixes implemented, and soon.

I think PvP needs some major rebalancing at its core, before doing anything, at all, for that aspect of JWA.


Not be a Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy, or Bring me down Sally but when will you learn that Ludia doesn’t care about suggestions? Otherwise, why would they change events that no one asked for? People asked for Draco SI nerf, they give it to DC. They nerf all of the spawns. Who asked for that? I can’t think of any suggestions they actually listened to. Aside from bug fixes, which should be fixed regardless.


I also don’t want to me a negative poster here but these are my thoughts…

I like the Quality of Life ideas. These make a lot of sense.

The PVP Arena ideas might work but I don’t know. I still think making Arenas level specific is the better way to go.

Double DNA? I’d rather there be something in the store we could buy that doubles it for say an hours play.

World Bosses? I hated this in PoGo and I’m not sure I would I ever bother if this was implemented, It would just end up being the playground for the super competitive players.

Cosmetics have come up before and I just don’t see the point to it. What really does it add to the game?


Great when hunting legendary and Unique ;D

If ever this will come, they restricted to only common?

Or 10.000 cash for 1 hour…

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Probably both unfortunately.


I wonder if there are any major changes to Apatosaurus’ health which is the highest in the game. What were they thinking at Lydia’s HQ


Same. They really spoil the game for me. This sort of thing works okay for games that are multiplayer orientated, but not GPS games where it requires people to meet up with each other.

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The problem with Double DNA is that players are already piling up at level 20. I’ve only been playing for a couple of months and I’m gonna hit 20 as soon as there is a coin sale. (HINT HINT LUDIA) I think they need to add more levels, especially if they accelerate the leveling in any way.

Love the idea of battles that award incubators without the negatives of the current trophy system.

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Honestly, the only thing i could come up with that i don’t think would be best, is that i think there should be more than just the might tiers, there should probably be 5 or more.


No. The current system is way better. Letting us chose what to dart.


I was thinking similarly along the lines of your Might score. Mine was every dinosaur has a score based on level and rarity. Level 26 common being the base with 100 points. Just as with the health and attack changing by 5% with each level the dinosaur score would also be figured in the same manner. Then the rarity increases on top of the Common score So at level 26 C:100 R:102 E:103 L:104 U:105. Then all 8 dinosaurs scores on the team are added to come up with a team score which is what is used to find opponents.

Regardless they need some match system that is based on the team a player has selected.


I quite like these. Hope Ludia listens!


I like the idea of bosses. Instead of making them super damage dealers like Lord Lythronax. Give them regular damage (between level 20 to 30) but 10, 20 or 30K hit points so they aren’t chomping everyone’s dino’s in one bite.

Bosses would be named dino’s. So for instance Thoradolosaurus would be a boss dino called “Thor’s Hammer”. It could have damage of a level 25 to 30 Thor but have mega hit points, with either added cleans or immunity.

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Those dino colors are terrible. I hope it will not introduce in this game.


I also like realistic boss fights, agreed.

And skins: The ability to customize the look of our own dino some. Maybe not too drastic, but little changes to make them unique for us. Maybe even a display name?

And of course who wouldn’t agree with double dna day xD


Skins — I’m thinking make your own skins by mixing DNA cocktails in the lab!


The biggest change this game needs is some Apatosaurus nerfs.

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Dude, that got old after the 16th time, now its decomposed into crude oil and fossil fuel, much like the real Apatosaurus. :expressionless: