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[Major Topic] The future of apex dinos and raids

I’m just wondering here: how many apex dinos does Ludia plan on having out there in the long run? Just the 3, maybe 8 (for a full team), more? And how will this affect raids (number of raids per day, number of apex raid per day, days of the week raids will be available)? And if there will be more than 3-4 apex dinos, would it mean that weekends will open up for raids to prevent oversaturation (too many raids per day)? Any ideas, suggestions, comments from Ludia devs? I want to know what everyone thinks about this fairly significant subject that for some reason hasn’t really been brought up.


I was thinking that maybe we should have raid bosses change every week so that we don’t have more than 3 per day. But I also think that one of those three should always be apex.


Sounds reasonable,but you also need to consider that apex dna is hard to get as it is and that while apex dinos are fairly strong, they’re not always the best (there are better uniques). Making it every other week would make it not worth the effort imho. Though this would probably work for the non-apex raids.

The real challenge w/ the every other week plan is what if there’s more than 3-4 apex raids?

Probably Ludia is doing as they often do.

First launch this great idea with strong and cool dinos.

When they see the arena becoming even worse(!), they make less raids and players who haven’t got there new shiny toy will suffer.


As the UNIQE event in 2018, dart 5.
Later, Tenonto was not possible to dart.

their prob going to make a raid tab

I’m hoping Ludia will spread the raids over the entire week including the tournament days.

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I guess if we have many Apex i think it will have some tournament that allow to use apex

That would definitely be interesting to see.

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My vision of the future

when Apex ruin( i mean rule) the arena

JW alive : Dark Fate

Hollywood’s new blockbuster

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