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Major update next?

Since update 2.5 was a "small " update i think it is safe to assume that 2.6 is gonna be the next major update. But what would the next major update contain? Probably new animations, a hybrid for parasaurolphus lux, a new non hybrid legendary and a new apex and definitely a new gameplay feature. I secretly hope an aquatic update but i think aquatics will be the next major summer update

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Major update? Sorry mate, the last was “the major update”. New gameplay? Titles and badges are the “new content” for the next few months :sweat_smile:
Acuatics are a topic I’ve read about here for the last couple years. Everyone should have lost hope already :slightly_smiling_face:


The annual update is probably next or coming soon and will be the next HUGE update. It will change things a whole lot. Just like it did last year.

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What I can guarantee is that there will be an update before the end of March including new uniques with exclusive dna components, unless they change their tournament pattern. Also, the update better be big enough that we get a boost reset/shuffle. I really wanna strip those boosts off half of my current team…
I hope they also change thor’s moveset or change how boosts work, either one of them


I do think the next update will be bigger, but I’m not expecting aquatics. I think the next thing will be PVP team battles, though we may not get them in the next update. I don’t think aquatics are out of the question indefinitely, but I wouldn’t expect them for a long time.


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These are 2 things that I would like to see

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I have also been saving up as much Andrewsarchus and Glyptodon DNA as possible for the new hybrid shown in the data mine, just being prepared for Whatever Ludia will throw at us next!

Maybe Ceratosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus

I say ceratosaurus is guaranteed in the next update but we could also get new families like bears for example

Not giving up hope for aquatics. It took in every game jurassic park builder and jurassic world the game a long time till we got an aquatic update. And we’re talking about an ar game here wich is much harder to moddel and animate than in a park builder game. Besides look how long it took till we got pterosaurs

I am also not expecting aquatics but you never know when ludia decides to release it

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