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Majundaboa - A Potent Monster

I think Majundaboa has lots of potential but needs better stats to compete. Other than that it is amazing. How many of you think the same or think it is already good enough to take on Procerathomimus. What is the best Snake to you?

  • Dilo - phobia
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Majundaboa

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I think that the stats of the majundaboa are ok, but I think that they need to change that Precise impact with the Precise rampage


No one selected Dilophoba because he’s the worst snake in JWA. Even Titanoboa G2 is better…
Should he be buffed? Nah, Ludia has better ideas. Nerf rhinos! Or Procerato!


Sorry i cant read the nonsence of a Procerato Killer anymore.

The most players bring procerato in the game, when the other dino has 0-2000 HP.
Then they kill this dino with a normal attack and have the 2x dmg ready.
Now your Majungaboa needs 4500-5000 Hp that he dont die instantly.

And at the moment Procera you get on each corner, all players have the stupid bird on Lvl 30 and you need years to bring Majungaboa to lvl 30 because, the snake is very difficult to hunt.

This are all incorrect information of the Procerato Lovers, which dont want a nerf of this OP Dino!

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The problem is not whether he is strong enough or not to defeat Yoshi. Is that in tournaments will face:

Level 30 megaboosted Yoshi that are viable in the normal arena against uniques.

Majundaboa without boosting and hardly at level 30 (because not everyone has 2 million coins to do it) because it is not viable in the normal arena.

Therefore, the championships will continue to suck, although in tournaments “all 26” there will be more competition.

None of above options. Titanoboa is best snake in game currently.

So sure? How confident on that?

None of snakes is really good in arena. SpinoConstrictor has its niche, but there are too many immune dinos currently.

Dilophoboa is underwhelming in every way.

Majundaboa is Yoshi counter, but thats it. Yoshi can even defeat it, if not played right.

Titanoboa is really great in tournament for closing matches. Can be good in lower arenas too.