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Majundaboa keeps losing to Procerath?

I was so sure it would be a great counter, but dang. This is the third time now I’ve tried to beat Yoshi with it, and all three times it lost.

Is there a knack to it? It seems pretty worthless (even when my opponent brings it out) and I’m losing more trophies than I normally do. Tips?

it won’t beat yoshi if DR is available. yoshi has to be “fresh” basically.
you want to go SDS a lot. there isn’t a need to go for anything else because if yoshi doesn’t attack, you leave yourself open for a full DR without killing it.


That would explain a lot… Problem is, Yoshi pops up at the worst times. Wish we could have a proper counter, one that can actually do something about it when swapped in…

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Someone suggested giving it swap in invincibility. I’m also for buffing hp and its precise impact to a precise rampage


They need to give it 4700 HP, I know it’s a lot of HP compared to it’s components but it deserves to counter procerath even if DR is up.

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IndomG2 wins a good chunk of the time.

I will think of some proper Counter creature for yoshi, give me some time

Maybe with 4200 HP and some armor?

Maybe with titanoboa g2 health and 15 armor,
4200×1.15=4830, it can survive a rampage and a strike,
Even with 1000 damage wins, and mboa really needs that rampage,
I don’t know if the next rework is to mucho :thinking:
Dmg:1100 (some creatures have better stats than the components)
Crit: 20
Armor:15 ( scales (?) Idk )
Cleansing impact
Ferosious strike
Presice rampage
Same habilities

As long as you go for shielded decel strike on turn 1 there’s absolutely nothing yoshi can do

Mine survived a DR hit (but the Yoshi was about half-chewed by something else), so a counter and a cleansing impact killed the Yoshi.

I sent her out against a Yoshi with only 1002 HP left and I’m sure you can gather what happened next.

I lost the fight because of it.

Did you use CI first turn while Yoshi used DR? The one I fought seemed to have a bit more HP than that. It didn’t crit on me though.

Unfortunately, they had left their Procerat until the last moment and I had to swap her in. That’s what keeps happening for me, it’s a last minute addition.

Ah you swapped. I put Majunda in after previous critter died.

I think that the perfect kit for destroy yoshi is the mix Precise, shield, immunity and high damage

Like this:


  • Health: 4500
  • Attack: 1500
  • Speed: 115
  • Armor: 25%
  • Crit: 5%


  • Precise strike
  • Decelerating rampage
  • Nullifying rampage
  • Long protection
  • Immunity
  • Maximal counter attack

Thats too much

I have tried using it in the tournament and it turns into paper mache instantly with Proceratomimus.

Yoshi counter already exists.

It’s called a NERF bat :smiley: