Majundaboa Needs Love

Considering it’s a super-hybrid. The titanboa seems more difficult to get DNA for than regular creatures.
Fairly new to the game and new to the forums. Apologies if this is beating a dead horse…maybe I’m just using it incorrectly but at 2600 trophies it seems to be regularly outclassed.


Yup kirby does

I mean like look at those stats 600 attack is way too low for an epic AND you got it to level 15 but if you use it boosts might help


I have a lvl 16 majundaboa with 1 health boost I too use it at 2700 trophies super good against compies

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It isnt really meant to be good, it is an epic

Why do people call it majungada-whatda? Its kirby and we willl never forget that he is the best epic hybrid ever! RIP Kirby. We will always know that youare the best epic hybrid ever.

I think it should have a unique hybrid with a event exclusive dinosaur

its a super-hybrid already though…

and as someone who intends to try to use majundaboa in pvp and partially uses it in tourneys at lvl 20, it could maybe do with a minor buff, though i don’t think it should be one of the best or broken like argent as its ingredients are pretty simple to grab

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Its decent I guess but it needs an hp buff

No i dont mean majundaboa + unique hybrid

I mean majundaboa + event exclusive dinosaur :joy:

but majundaboa is a superhybrid… it can’t really be hybridized again as far as the game rules go…


When I was in the low leagues I used majundaboa and the truth is that it works a lot for pvp

I find titanaboa more difficult to obtain than most Epics, maybe just me.

It’s decent against comps, but there are better choice to counter even them. And those other counters are not super hybrids.

But the it’s immune to damage reduction so hence its good against the compies and with attack increase its superb

So because of one very situational counter it’s balanced? Ok.

Yep I use it and it always ends with a increase attack counter :sweat_smile:

I think that rule was broken last update with one of the newer legendaries. I forget which or probably am just too lazy to go back and take a look.

But whatever, as a super hybrid, it shucks.

I created a post on it awhile ago. On really want to like it, but it REALLY needs help.

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Only creature I can think of that broke the “superhybrid rule” is compsocaulus, and I am on board with the snek getting a minor buff