Majundasuchus Vs Gorgosuchus

Hello guys and welcome to episode 5 of JWA battles. Last episode we saw spinotahraptor take out a win against 3 other raptors. In this episode we see 2 half crocodilians battle. Who will win???

Majundasuchus stats
Height: 4.3m

Length: 8.1m

Weight: 1.8 tons

Bite force: 2 tons

Weapons: Bite and horn

Advantages: Bigger, heavier, more flexible

Disadvantages: slower,dumber,weaker bite,weaker

Name meaning: Mahajanga crocodile

Gorgosuchus stats
Height: 3.3m

Length: 7.3m

Weight: 2 tons

Bite force: 3 tons

Weapons: Bite and claws

Advantages: Stronger bite, faster, smarter, stronger

Disadvantages: smaller,lighter,less flexible

Name meaning: Dreadful crocodile

The fight
A lone sinoceratops lies dead with several bites on its legs and neck. A majundasuchus appears devouring the dead ceratopsian. A gorgosuchus leaps onto the top of the sinoceratops body and claws majunda. Majunda roars in pain and gorgo bites majunda on the neck and slams him on the ground before clawing majunda in the eyes blinding him. Gorgo tries to bite majunda in the back but majundas osteoderms crush 3 of gorgos molars. Gorgo roars in pain before gorgo jumps up and swings his massive canines into majundas neck. Majunda trips over the sinoceratops carcass and Gorgo rams into him before clawing him in the wounded part of the neck instantly killing him. Gorgo growls in triumph before finishing the rest of the sinoceratops carcass.

The winner is