Peeps, what do we think of the Majundasuchus? I often feel she’s underrated cause her damages are split in two and you don’t realize her real power. Plus she’s a gorgeous beast. But I don’t know if I should make her evolve or just keep her in my collection as a proud papa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I had him on my team for a substantial amount of time. Our best times together were when a match was tied at 2-2, and my current beast and the opponent are low on health, but my guy is slower so I’m about to lose on the next hit… switch in a fresh Majundasuchus - “yeah, but now the opponent gets a free move right?” - bring it on… M takes damage, immediately gets his counter strike… game over.


I love this hybrid, also Majundasuchus got some special strategy.

For Majunda is faster than I-rex, you can use shield to tank cloak-pounce, and counter down that I-rex.
Also, if your Majunda won’t be one-hit killed by raptor, you can choose cleanse attack, and might able to knock out that raptor in one turn. (If your Majunda get atk higher than raptor’s 50% hp)

Just need to make sure your Majunda is at the same or slightly higher level than opponent, Majungasaurus and Numdasuchus are very common, so this won’t be hard.


I bounce my majunda on and off my team, depending on whether or not the arena calls for it. Hybrids sometimes can be slow and expensive to level up, so my Einiesuchus always stays on the team. Majunda, however… I just need to get her levelled up where she can really begin to put a hurt on higher level opponents, not just peck at them.

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Reading all this really makes me wanna pit ny Majunda on my team. I miss my Maju, he was great, but he was replaced early because I could never find him in the wild (till I learned he appears at night).


She’s a tough girl. Hasn’t left my starting 8.


I have to agree. I have all three early hybrids (majunda, eini, and sucho) and majundasuchus is the only one I still use and level. She’s a true beast of a beast. The revenge strike is fantastic against raptors, especially if majundasuchus has good health.


So at what level does Majunda really start putting the hurt on opponents, instead of pecking them to death on each hit?

An appropriately-leveled Majundasuchus is the only thing I’ve encountered at high levels that can one-hit-KO a Velociraptor on the opening turn, like Tarbosaurus said.

Other dinosaurs might take too long and allow a switch, or might need to rely on being lucky (e.g., Dimetrodon, survive the first hit and crit it’s own) but the Majundasuchus is entirely reliable in this fashion.


I levelled up my Majungasuco up to 11 yesterday. Health 1677, damage 433.
I think I need to go to level 15 before putting her in my team. These the stats from level 12 to 15:


Equal trained Dimetrodon survives a Pounce 95% of the time … the other 5% are V-Raptors Crit Chance. XD

But yeah, it’s like Cloak … you must pray to RNGesus to crit down the Raptor with your 45% Chance.

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Equal level the Majun always looks to vraptor as counter attack will be at half strength since cleanse has not gone off yet.

To me better to use stegoceratops to counter raptor as slowing attack means you get first attack on second round which means they switch out or raptor dies.

Stegoceratops always MVP, not only when facing Raptors. Stego doing 3-0 almost every day.

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