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I have the good graces to live in Locale One. It has its perks: Tuojiangosaurus lives here and I see the occasional Brachiosaurus. The echo DNA would be a huge bonus If I cared all that much about the Indos G2. To be honest, I don’t need any more concavenator, and though I love my Ceratopsians and their hybrids, cloak and the sheer number of immunities has rendered them to be less effective that previously established. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about:
Commons make up the vast majority of what we see, as is to be expected. Deinocherius is an alright common with a viable hybrid - not one I care for, but sure, for some people. Some people have also found a use for Dimetrodon G2’s hybrid. More power to them! Majungasaurus, on the other hand, Is complete and total trash. The poor thing has the most lackluster hybrid in the entire game and I was inundated with more DNA of it than I’ll ever use this past spring. Can Majundasuchus please get a viable hybrid? This dinosaur has become a bigger joke than Lythronax, and that’s saying something since you guys played into that joke on April Fool’s Day. Please do something with it as I’m close to maxing its DNA out and It’s over 30% of what I see.


Agree - its long overdue a hybrid; I wish they would give hybrids to creatures that have been in the game long term rather than giving new ones two, looking at you Carbo. Mines L12 with 217,168 and I don’t think it has ever been in my local.

Edit: Haha, I just opened a 6 hour incubator and got 20 Majunga - make that 217,188 :rofl:

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Totally agree with this post, but as everyone seems to have so much of its dna, i think it unlikely they will make a hybrid and if they do, i doubt it will be a team member…

A shame really - i cant stand the thing, i see nothing but those all night long, the other evening, i used x9 5min scents, i would say out of that 27 dinos that should spawn, 24 of them were Majunga …i mean COME ON…really? There’s no other commons that can spawn? I gave up buying common scents - waste of time and money for where i live.

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I love seeing 9 majungasaurus around me every time.

I hit the 250k maximum on majungasaurus some days ago. It’s around 60% of the spawns in my area. If I use a normal 5 min capulse 3 of 4 spawns are Majungasaurus.

The unfair thing about that is that there is one area that have dracorex gen2 spawns like we have majungasaurus spawns. I can pass this area with the tram, 10 min and one 5 min capulse in it and i have captured 10-20 dracorex gen2.

People in this area can have the Rat level 30 before hitting playerlevel 10. Insane unfair.

Well sucho got a viable dino… l2 has dg 2… giving diplotator and majunda super hybrids would seem like the next move.


This entire line is horrible and weak. It’s a real shame, they have epic designs. But are you seriously telling me that these 2 carnivores have lower Attack then a simple apatosaurus? Like wtf? They need an attack boost to at least 1000, and need a better kit, they are just so weak.


Majundasuchus needs way more then a simple atack boost it needs more HP either
At least a buff to its atack to 900 and a HP to at least 3800 but a hybrid would be well come

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I kinda like the kit but It indeed needs better stats, it’s probably the worst rare hybrid. Funny thing is, If It were in real life nothing would have higher damage than sauropods :laughing:

I also live in local 1 and when I’m just trying to chill and use scent caps, it’s the most irritating thing when all the dinos spawned from them are majungasaurus. That thing is cursed. No good hybrids, no good stats, just taking up space in my collection and keeping me from getting spawns worth my time.

I know there’s almost no reason for them to make a worthwhile hybrid from it when we already have buckets of its DNA, but I just want to do something with all of it… I could probably have a level 30 majunga/majunda if it wasn’t cost-prohibitive.

I know the feeling @Unicornodon, L1 resident here and mostly active at night. Both my majunga/majunda are already level 30. And now i’m back at almost 200000 dna.
Without the special scent there is no reason for me to go out and grind.

Embarrassed to admit I have 500k Majun and the funniest part is I’m guessing it would be close to 800k if the game allowed.

I work in zone 3. When I go on lunch walks, I usually end up with Dimetrodon, Argentinosaurus or Dilophosaurus and more Allosaurus than I can handle. Also Diplotator can be mildly effective when overlevelled in the arenas. Majundasuchus is just worthless.

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A full migration would be great and this has come up many times. I agree with the op that running scents, not just the free ones, should have more variety. Been there and totally understand the frustration. The only good thing is I can dart over 400 a lot which helps mission dna.

Hey, how would y’all like a unique Majundasuchus/Gen 2 Allosaurus hybrid? That could be cool