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Make 12/24hr incubators count extra for daily missions


So running a 24hr inc right now, so there’s no possible way, outside of paying for it, to meet that daily goal. Why not make 12hr worth 4 and 24 worth 8 (or whatever) so we have at least a chance? They’re rare enough that it’s not going to make the daily goals too easy, but make it so we at least have a chance to make it when we do get one.


They just need to get rid of incubator mission, 15 a day for dead end DNA reward? Meh


I’d take that


The real problem is…
Opening strike tower reward incubators must been counted into daily mission.
Some forum managers also mentioned that.
Now those strike tower incubators are not included.

But as other bugs, this problem also been left there without any action.


I agree, but the number of strike towers vary wildly from day to day. If they counted, I guess people could ration them out better to get a more equal distribution over the entire week.

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It’s all strategy guys. You can’t do it every day. Pick the days you can make it and go all in. If you can’t do all of them for any reason it may be worth not achieving any of the missions so that tomorrow it will be easy.
And Alanqa so really who cares?


Sure it’s worthless now, but what happens if one day it’s not?? I’d rather ask for the enhancement now so that if that day comes, doing the daily tasks daily is a bit more realistic.

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If it was worthwhile dna… it would be worth the hard cash to speed up some incs…

If it was 90 erli or ourano id be burning through incs to make it happen… letting a three hour run for an 1 1/2 only takes like 15 cash to open.


It’s a game! Use some strategy and stop whining about not getting everything available everyday.


If my post came off as whiny I apologize, that was not my intent. Only that in this post

the last bullet states that “A well-rounded player can complete them all.” As several people have pointed out, including MNBrian, this is mathematically impossible with the longer incubators in the mix. I was merely suggesting a way to allow for the completion of this goal without changing the incubator cycles.