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Make a Silly Hybrid

For fun make up a really silly hybrid, it doesn’t have to be good just fun.

Apatomimus: Legendary Pinning Speed Controller

Some quirks of Biology just can’t happen. While a domestic cat and a mountain lion certainly have been known to produce offspring, the size difference between an Apatosaurus and the Ornithomimus truly makes this impossible without the divine intervention of a deranged genetic scientist.

4500 Hp
Attack 1250
Speed 116

Pinning Strike
Instant Pinning Strike: In an attempt to mimic the Evasive Strike of Ornithomimus this large creature moves so fast that it trips up its foe on accident, preventing their foe from escaping but certainly not dodging anything itself.
Decelerating Rampage
Instant Distraction: Something this size howling at you surely is more unsettling than an Ornithomimus

Immune to Stun
Immune to Deceleration

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(Unique) sarcosuchus+smilodon
A mixture between a super croc and a smilodon, the crocosmile is an ambush hunter who subsists off of fish and catnip and any other unlucky thing to end up in ita jaws. The crocosmile usually prefers to go for bleeding wounds but will sometimes be overtaken by the uncontrolable urge to crush bones instead.
Attack: 1300
Health: 4000
Armor: 15%
Critical: 10%
Speed: 126
Possible moves:
Evasive pinning strike: deal 1x attack, dodge 75% for one turn, opponent cannot swap for one turn.
Enraged pounce: deal 2x attack, +20% chance critical one turn, +20% chance to bypass dodge, distract opponent one turn.
Evasive stance: priority, 75% chance to dodge for 3 turns.
Lethal pinning impact: deal 1.5x attack, DoT 25% of opponents hp for a max of 4 turns, target is pinned for 2 turns.
Passive abilities:
No escape
Immune to distraction

Diplodocus mixes with Diplocaulus to form…
Duodiplo (Long skinny body like a salamander but with longer legs)

Duodiplo combines with Dimodactylus to form…
Dimoduodiplo (replace the from 2 legs with wings… boom, dragon)