Make a undo level up option

I think the game needs to make a undo level up option because I accidentally level up my scorpius rex gen 2 because of lag and I lost 1000+ dna and also 50,000 coins


Or ask for a confirmation when leveling up.


yeah i agree

But I need a refund i lost 1000+ DNA and also 50k conis

It is wishful thinking though. If they were to make one, you will never get back what you used. They would introduce a tax like they did for boosts.

This has happened to me twice

I did the same with the unique element for alberto, its sat at lvl 21 because i accidently double pressedvwhen fusing and levelled it up! Annoyed me so much.


We need to talk to Ludia about this

Well confirmation only solves it in some situations

I kinda want this to be added so I can de level my creatures that are too high leveled for the hybrids and a can’t get enough dna. I mean in really is a pain

That happened to me with Teryx

Nothing worse than an accidental upgrade. I’ve done this about 3 times in total over the years, costing me 100s of thousands of coins!

never going to happen

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It’s just a suggestion

I agree. In my opinion, a one time message that asks if you’re sure you want to level up a creature that’s at fusion level would be nice. After you level up past the creature’s fusion level, the pop up won’t appear unless it reaches another fusion level and you try to level it up again (ex. Gorgosaurus at level 10 and 20).

I also had an idea regarding what the message would say. If you have Purutaurus (for example) at level 15 and try to level it up, a pop up appears that says “Are you sure you want to level up this creature? It’s currently at the minimum required level to fuse [insert hybrid name(s) and/or icon(s) here].”

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an old request by the way. years.

unfortunately it’s more likely they increase the “EVOLVE/FUSE” button even more, so you touch accidentally when trying to scroll down.

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