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Make a VIP thing to get like 2x Trust Points


Hey i have a question Ludia why are you doing another event that will almost impossible to get again? can you make like a vip thing to 2x turst points? like you guys did in the past like in JW something on that lines or like in rise of berk?

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This is a GREAT idea. I would definitely pay for this as long as it wasn’t like too expensive.


If they do add a VIP system, I’d hope they would at least just let VIP’s have early access’ and 2x the amount of fish and gold you acquire from the basins and from winning battles.
They’d probably also add an exclusive dragon you could only get from the VIP system. Other than that, I don’t know what other authority they would give VIP’s :thinking:


@Kiri it would definitely be worth it though. However I wouldn’t say 2x fish and gold, maybe like 1.5x or something like that, but definitely 2x trust points.


I doubt they’ll do 2x trust points, but you may be on to something!
Seriously though, in my opinion, I don’t really keep VIP systems for a long period of time because of the money spent on getting it (Usually it’s about $6 or more each month, which in my opinion is too expensive, $2 wouldnt be a bad idea but that’s too cheap also)
I mean, believe me, I think a VIP system would work really great for the game, especially since I probably would wind up buying it, but I just hope they don’t make it so players that don’t have the VIP system aren’t completely put at a disadvantage, so if I, (And of course other people) decide to end the subscription, I won’t get totally put at an disadvantage due to unsubscribtion. I guess thats the point of a VIP working system, but still.


well it probably be 10$ knowing ludia track record JW and JWA vip cost 10$ and that there recent so it be 10 mostly likly

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But would it last forever or only a limited amount of time?