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Make a web comic or real comic of the characters

People have lives away from a dating app. The game creators have great artists and writers so they should make a comic of the characters living their life when they go offline.

They can’t keep the game updating and you want more Job for them? Let them work for the game.


I was literally about to make exactly the same point as Johnny.

It’s a good idea, but they cannot update the current content quickly enough so the chances of them producing an e-comic as well are slim to none.

I have a friend who is a comic creator and they miss their deadlines all the time because it’s such time consuming work.


Same, webcomics are a lot of work and quite something different than the still images we have in the game, from an artist point of view

But tbh, since there are already fanfics of lovelink, I kinda am in the mood to make some fanart/minicomics of the matches now :'D