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Make AI option available

Ludia you need to out the option to fight AI from the start like it is on tournament instead waiting for a countdown. Trying to fill an incubator slot has become a complete hassle with all the pee players and their super boosted dinos… Like the 1800 dmg Dracoceratops that wrecked 2 dinos in less than 10 seconds last night or people who are super boosting dinos way over what it ever should be like the Tryko below (Not mine!). Boosts should have never been purchasable, or if so maybe once a month in a special sale, but not daily. And speed boosts should not be purchasable through in game pop ups! You’ve broken the game with boosting and arena is now just crossing your fingers hoping you get an actual fair battle… So being able to fight an AI for incubators would be nice!

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