Make all cheaters fight only vs bots


Ok, Ludia, of you’re so greedy that you haven’t banned the cheaters and spoofers, make them fight only against the bots. Like that bots that we faces sometime.

Let the legit players play only with the legit ones. And make this op cheaters and spoofers fight vs bots. They deserve it.


I guess their ultimate plan is converting them into bots. :joy:


They could be like old bots, if there isnt any legit player to fight for 2 minutes then we face a cheater xd


No, no 2 minutes. If you cheat, you will not face any real player. It will be a lonely PvE game for them, like a prison.


How do you know if someone is cheating?


@Dwyerirish Because they believe they are therefore they are!

Or they will screenshot a team showing all 25-30 unique and say well they can’t get it legitimate so it must be cheating

Some will do math and say well the game is 4 months old and to have this team will cost 1,000,000 and than come back later and say we’ll actually it’s 10,000 and no one will spend it on a game!

You will hear 4-10 reasons

Btw I can post this here regardless if you think I am not adding to the thread because I am answering a question


It’s not worth it. Most people on here won’t listen to reason. If someone has better Dino’s, they’re a hacker.


There are alot of cheaters. What’s worse is the people that defend them. We shouldnt be facing cheaters battling. Period. I stay in n the top 50 but I should be alot higher if it wasnt for the cheaters.


Not defending cheaters but defending Ludia right to run their business the way they want!

If they don’t have 1000% proof of TOS violations than anything they do can result in a major loss of income should the cheaters decide to go to the Apple store for refunds!

Apparently the legit players getting refunds are way low compared to the cheaters!

Only ludia knows the true ratio of cheaters to legitimate

And that is what they base the action on!


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