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Make all rare dna rewards in strikes equally useful

For example, the current Cuties strikes:

Echo - Goes into Indominus G2 and Indoraptor G2, which are 2 of the most powerful dinos in the game currently
Nasutoceratops - Exclusive, and goes into Carbotoceratops ánd a brand-new Unique
Dracorex - Normal spawn at all times, only goes into a mediocre Unique that’s been in the game for ages

Spot the odd one out. Why Dracorex? Why not Entelodon or one of the other daily rares? Or Bajada (park only), or an arena only? 2 options are incredibly useful and then you’ve got Dracorex. I’m using this as an example, but this happens all the time. At least make it so you can be satisfied with all 3 Rare dna options instead of having the disappointment of getting useless dna compared to the other 2.

And yes, I freely admit I’m salty as hell because so far I’ve gotten 400 Nasuto, 400 Echo and 2000+ Dracorex. Give me my Nasuto/Echo dammit.

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Usefulness is relative.


As a utarinex user with only T5 speed on it, I’d trade you the Bajada, Echo, and Entelodon DNA for Dracorex DNA.

you do realize the Cuties event was a community vote thing a while back and that usefulness is relative to the player?

if i’m just going by what i need to unlock new stuff, nasuto is the only useful one. but if i’m going for leveling my stuff for competitive play, that would be all three of them.

this has been the m.o. from day 1. there’s always 1 garbage dino in events, incubators, etc. so they can give you something useless. look at the epics in this weekends events… darwin that goes into 2 uniques, pteranodon that makes quetzorion, and alanqa that… :no_mouth: … gets in the way


I am aware, hence why I said it was just an example. If I’m going for unlocking Nasuto is the only useful thing for me as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that Echo is also a great option since it goes into Indominus G2/Indoraptor G2 - both of which are objectively better than Utarinex. Echo is also less available than Dracorex. I don’t mind it not being something I can use, but it would’ve been nice to have it be something that’s at least somewhat difficult to find/get so it wouldn’t be ‘more on the pile’.

That’s when specifically talking about this week, obviously. Every week has the same thing: 1 useful, 1 somewhat useful and 1 option that’s objectively much worse and it’s frustrating as hell to get the worst option all the time.

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I mean, I do get where you’re coming from - Alanqa is, for me, the worst thing in this game, yet if it’s available in an incubator, I’m going to get it. It’s useless to me at this point.

But like has been said - some people out there actually need it. It’s why I hate that there’s no trading.


I cant believe the cuties strike was a community vote long ago

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They should replace draco with something more useful

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Like a bajada

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What if I told you that none of the 3 options were good for me? It’s all up to the player and their goals.

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