Make altering location PART OF THE GAME (solution to spoofing)



  1. People are more likely to spend money if they need to spend money.
    People that are able to alter their location have a greater need to get cash/coin/etc. and will use their own money to do so.

  2. People play the game more and find bugs more often than people that don’t.


It is very difficult to fight piracy. The most effective tactic isn’t to fight them head-on. That only leads to it becoming more dangerous, lucrative, and ineffective.
You see this every time something is banned or made illegal.

  • Prohibition in the US only drove alcohol business underground and helped form the mafia.
  • Making some drugs illegal made it more profitable for cartels.
  • Illegal downloading movies pushes people to sites that are lower quality, and unsafe from viruses

How do you combat it then?
You offer it yourself. Cut the pirates from under the table with a better deal.

This kind of system has even proven to work in the publishing business.


There are already free options available that involve minimum movement. While I agree in publishing and production this has worked, no one wants to compete against a cheater. Making it part of the game just further pushes down the free to play players.
I would suggest if that were the direction decided on, Ludia instead tiered into different player categories. Ie. Competitive,Casual and Novice. Then allowed each tier the option to move into different categories and compete accordingly. Trophies and standing would be according to category at this point but only allow one category of competitors to use this feature.


Even though this is absurd, I’m going to entertain it and reply to your every point.

  1. People who spoof have more access to supply drops and therefor they have more access to coins and cash from them. So nope.

  2. Just because you spoof it doesn’t mean you play the game more. I don’t spoof and I play it for many hours a day, the difference is that I do it outside with the heat and the rain while you do it comfortable at home. Non-spoofers are just as useful at finding bugs and reporting them.

  3. I agree. People will always find a workaround. We will never be rid of cheaters, not in this game, and not in any other. But if piracy is pursued, it will happen less than if it’s just downright allowed. Simply allowing spoofers to be hurts the game for legitimate players. Pursuing them, however, cleanses the game from many spoofers, even if there will always be some left. That makes non-spoofers feel more comfortable in game, play more and spend more. As it is right now, game can get very frustrating for competitive non-spoofers who just don’t have a chance against spoofers, and will eventually just quit. You complain that illegally downloading movies is unsafe for you? Well duh. You are breaking the law, it’s a risk you have to take, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. I download movies myself, everyone does, but if I get a virus, I don’t come crying to the authorities.

This is a GPS-based game. It’s part of its charm. Most people who play it, do it because they enjoy the way these kinds of games work. If people prefer to play games from their homes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but there are thousands of other games that work that way for you to choose. What makes this game special is precisely that it makes you go outside. If Ludia allows spoofing, spoofers will be happy but spoofers are the minority. The majority will most likely leave at the absurdity of having a location-based game that allows faking location.

Last but not least, yup, you are going down, face it! Let’s celebrate your tears.


have like “spoofing” as like VIP-only
but have VIP-only leaderboards


No. I can’t go that far. I do find it delorable. Not a VIP just something. There is another stance though. It is in fact a security hole being exploited. That means it is important to resolve as it won’t stop with location spoofing. At least I would guess it would be a hole. I’m relatively new to developing so could be wrong.


Without a doubt the most absurd, far reaching nonsense I have heard in, well at least a day.


This is a cringe inducing post from a whining spoofer clearly.


Are you not worried about the emerging spoofer mafia? I would watch what I say…


I mean the only thing i have to say about this subject; it is a GO game. You and the dinosaurs are supposed to be ‘alive’ in the real world; not a walking, flying robot.

If someone can’t play the game (properly?) without spoofing gear, then this simply is not your game. Thats why people have consoles or desktops; to play games at home. The entire point of these games is to go outside to hunt 'em all.

Non-spoofing players also spend money on the game and that would definitely not be less. If a game offers their primary resource (energy, batteries, coins, gold,…) in their shop, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to buy it. It is completely optional but definitely not needed. Imo greedy while you can clearly make money on something else, PoGo being the only prime example in the ‘go’ genre. They sell items that allow you to earn more primary resource by PLAYING the game. That is only encouraging spoofers more to do their thing since you can ‘buy primary resource’ over ‘earn it’ by actively playing the game, like in PoGo.

I have 37 dinosaurs to evolve and i can’t because of coin restrictions; thus i go outside and spin supply drops. Unfortunately the restriction is an other subject i still don’t agree on. You can start to say it sort of promotes spoofing and non-active play; or it being a ‘money grab’. Pay 2 progress at its best i guess.

If games like these wouldn’t include their primary resource as a direct buy option in a cash shop; spoofing could be far less of an issue; especially when combined with coin gain limitations since both limit active gameplay; essentially the ‘go’ part of the game.

The new zombie go shooter ‘our world’ also does it but if you actively play outside to collect energy from crates; you really can extend your playtime by a lot. Energy is the limiting factor; but active gameplay promotes even more playtime and it works (imo still not the best model). At some point you never run out of energy due to crates; especially since it can stack on top of your max cap. It doesn’t have a max cap! The ‘secondary resource’ used to upgrade your stuff (the COINS) isn’t a huge issue either since you can earn loads by playing the game actively, without restrictions.

Games like these need subscriptions like VIP which offer ‘active gameplay’ rewards. Fortnite is also f2p but has an outstanding subscription model which allows you to earn rewards by playing the game (battle pass). Even better; it changes every ‘season’. If every f2p title was as creative as fortnite, people would love to spend money on them for the right reasons; to play the actual game even more to unlock cool, additional features. It is that what can make players play even way more; just for unlockables, achievements,… rewarding active gameplay.


Sad thing is only a small part of people spoof because conditions are bad for them (Can’t walk, crazy wheather etc). Most spoofers are people that get excited being the best and beating other players with their stronger dinos. Even if not legit or even slightly fair. It gives something of a kick to beat others and show your the best.
They should play other games, but in this one with such a huge advantage they are among the best, isn’t that much more fun?


I will never understand why people enjoy it. Whenever I get an unbalanced match in the arena, ie my Dinos are very over leveled or I get too lucky with stuns, I actually feel bad for the opponent. I don’t enjoy smashing my opponent in the least. I enjoy thrilling, close match with similar levels that could end up either way and having to work hard on strategy to win. That is what is really rewarding.


Please dont do this! If somebody wants to play at home … get another jurassic world game


That’s one solution to spoofing, sure. But Ludia have already come up with another: banning the spoofers. I’m sure the ban won’t result in the formation of a new Mafia, don’t worry.


I’m not saying that it results in a mafia.
But pushing something underground doesn’t stop people from doing it, just makes it more dangerous.

Simply by offering a safe alternative of better quality.

In an income driven market, this undercuts piracy.

“whatever income an… loses from the theft which the internet makes possible is more than offset by the expansion of his or her potential audience.” - Eric Flint. Palm Palaver Dec. 2000


I’m nearly certain that’s in reference to the film and/or music industry, though, and on a much bigger scale than this. While the invention of streaming services do help offset some of the damage piracy does, smaller companies still go bankrupt because of it. In this case where we’re just talking about a contained game rather than a whole industry, I don’t think solutions like this are necessary - if people won’t listen to the rules already set in place, Ludia have no obligation to make it safer for them to play in a way not actually intended by Ludia by offering a “safe” version of what they’re already doing.


Piracy can actually be good for a movie or a TV show, it adds popularity which in the long term helps them. However, when you illegaly download a movie, you are not harming or making the experience unfair for other players in any way. The same way I’m really not against people modifying a non-multiplayer game however they can. But due to the online nature of JWA, when you spoof, you are getting an unfair advantage over other players, This translates as the non-cheating player base being angry and frustrated and quitting the game, causing loses to Ludia. So it’s both fair and in Ludia’s best interest to prevent spoofing and other hacks.


Now this topic is actually getting interesting. Since money to the company (ludia) is being discussed let’s look at it realistically. I am sure my numbers are way off so please excuse them! If 50% of the players are spoofing that technically doesn’t cost the company money. But potentially can cost them money if spoofers buy coins if they get banned.

People are saying that they will lose the other 50% because the non spoofers are not happy with the unfair advantage.

If ludia starts a pay per spoof wouldn’t that possibly attract non spoofers and also level the field for all players?

Remember allot of people never even heard of this until they read about it here. If ludia offered me an enhanced Vip for 20 dollars that allowed me to move a limited distance I would grab it.


50% spoofing? no way. probably 1% if that.


I don’t have a horse in this race, I could care either way. But if this is a discussion on the practicality I’ll chime in.

First, no real need to spoof. I feel like almost all dinos can be found within a 5 mile radius so jumping around the world to pickup dino DNA seems excessive. I can see it becoming a huge prolbem if there is a community of spoofers who farm out corrdinates for rare/epic dna so that could be a problem so lets talk about that…

I feel like as a rule, anyone who pops out of a 5 mile radus in 2 minutes is up to no good. If that happens I feel like the game could time out players who do that to the order of 1 minute per mile. So if you are globe hopping you will be hit with a huge problem if you jump 600 miles way and now need to wait for 10 hours to play again. Seems like a harsh time out but that would solve the above.

Second, if the UI allowed for players to rent a motorcycle that would let you move the drone strike range in 2 miles in any direction that would be cool. And if you are a VIP you can rent a helicopter for more but get a 5 miles radius that would be cool.

Like I said, I don’t care how this nets out but there could be cool compromises that add to the functionality of the game and yield more monitization for Ludia while still giving everyone something that is significantly less powerful then tradition spoofing as I understand it.


I said my numbers are wrong. Just making a point on the financial impact to ludia and the possible revenue stream of providing a Pay Per Spoof or I like the idea of a motorcycle or helicopter sounds like fun.

Hey maybe for 1000 in game bucks we can buy a plane ticket.