Make animations longer plz

Well, first I want to say I really like the added animations for the sanctuary. They are fun. But I would really appreciate some kind of loop in the first part of eating/playing so it appears to be longer and more realistic too. Now it is like “toy is there, toy is gone”, “food is there, food is gone”.

For ppl who don’t like watching the creatures for too long, they can always go back to the sanctuary overview as they already received the dna when clicking. But for me (not sure if I’m the only one so I will just speak for myself here) the animations are actually fun to watch. And they really don’t last long enough to fully appreciate this new feature.

I also totally agree with my Kentrosaurus. When you take away her food she starts to hang on the bucket like “nooooo don’t take away my food yet! I’m still hungry!!” Yeah she had like one bite, no wonder she’s not amused. I say, Kentro and I are starting a petition to improve the dino care system :wink:

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