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Make Apex Bosses for only High Level Players

The Apex Bosses should be only for level 17-20 players.
A low level players that are on good alliance can take down the bosses and got DNA
Is too Bad for the Game that Low Arenas got the Apex creatures.
Please Make this for a better game experience


If a low lvl player is taking down an apex boss that mostly means that the other 3 are max or next to max, i’m lvl 20 and still need to use carry strats to do morty and hadros. And i have never realy seen anyone bellow like 18 19 taking down an apex, so this realy isn’t a problem.


They will need 15 weeks = 4 months to unlock an Apex so that isnt a problem. Im sure their team Will be high enough to support that apex.

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if they spent the resources to get a creature to be viable for the raid (irritator/ inostherium) then they should be rewarded with acquiring said apex. its a lot of resources that could be used for other things (like magna). There may be some carry strats, but i’ve only seen 2 of them (both for mortem) and they required maxed out lv 30s at specific boosts.


If a low level player even manages to get an apex, they deserve it


Not entirely. They probably got carried along the battle.

Pog, you say a person who gets carried on a level 1 sloth deserves it? Lol I don’t think so, they should have a minimum level as well, like say 20 for apex raids so that they can’t be abused

no. just no.

sloths are very powerful. My level 3 sloth beat up a level 7 brontotherium and almost killed a level 6 kelenken in the same battle

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Being carried in raids isn’t fair, you literally put no effort in as you just rely on your teamates to do the work for you. And you didn’t even give me a reason as to why m6 idea of having the minimum creature level be 20 in apex raids is bad, don’t expect me to take you seriously when you don’t give a proper reason.

Also idk how your sloth beat up a brontotherium a creature that beats sloths 100% of the time if played right. I guessing it was low on hp


full hp sloth vs full hp bronto
Tip: spam camoflauge. You can take very little damage

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Bronotherium has resilient moves and can shield. Literally a 0% chance to win if you spam camo

bronto doesnt spam resilient


Excuse me but wth? Resilients not bypassing dodge… they remove dodge and cleanse distraction

And stop blatantly editing, I have a screenshot + the little pen icon in the top right of your post

bronto has shield taunt strike as base move
not resilient impact

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Resilient impact, sts, ri = dead sloth

This deals about 4200 damage and kills the sloth.

Brontotherium can also survive 3 counter attacks from sloth and one of them is halved by the shield

Also you still haven’t answers the real question

It doesn’t matter if a sloth is powerful. It’s still a carry if your team is CARRYING your creature to victory. For example: if you add a level 1 dimorphodon to your team, and you win with its swap in wound it’s still a carry. Your team set up the dimo for successs.

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No. Just no. Stop.

  1. If a lower level gets Apex dna they earned it.

  2. If a lower level gets carried to get Apex dna see number 1. The carried player:

A. Joined an alliance
B. Got on discord
C. Actually communicated on discord
D. Demonstrated their worthiness enough that their alliance was willing to carry them

  1. Lower level players need Apex dna to deal with trash bag droppers

  2. Garbage can matching. Apex puts lowers in a better position.

How entitled are you? Making it sound like the arena is all pristine, fair, and balanced. Why is it that only you are deserving of Apex? How greedy are you really?

Lower levels have to deal with all the (imo cheating) rubbish droppers. Give them the resources to weather the attack that’s coming from supposedly veteran players.


Now i don’t agree that somone literaly “low lvl” should have apex dna, but i feel like the rate that it’s obtained at is fair. Plus as somone who can literaly raid just becuse of carry strats, the stuff the carried guy uses may not be too great, i used carry strats for morty with an eagle, or 17 indo g2, for hadros 16 tryo, 19 indo g2…

But the rest has to be op as hell, and discord communication is reqired 100%.

The morty strat where i was a 19 indo g2 took over an hour to do(mostly cause either the dilo didn’t heal or i didn’t dodge), a 30 maxima, 30 tuo with 2.7k dmg, and a 29 dilo.

I overall don’t agree that new players should be obtaining apex dna, but if the other 3 are willing to carry them, and they somehow pulled of a strat that works with something low lvl i think it’s deserved.

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Didn’t you literally just contact me on discord asking to get carried and now you’re saying you don’t want this to be a feature?


Here’s a more reasonable idea:
Apex DNA is rewarded based on trophy level, that way people earn it at the speed they are playing the game.
People in the starting arena get 1 apex DNA for each raid.
But people in Nublar Shores get 50 apex DNA for each raid.