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Make Apex stronger

Just wondering isn’t the premise of Apex supposed to be better than Uniques? Either Apex once obtained get a buff or the Uniques and Legendaries need a nerf. It would make total sense.

You do realize that Apex’s are indeed better than uniques?


Mortem is the only one that is iffy. I find it about the same as thor in terms of overall strength.

But lux, cera and trebax are pretty insane.


Then how come Mortem gets one shotted by Thors

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I have heard Lux is the best one

Lux is the best 1v1 with cera right behind. Trebax is definitely better than most cunnings, but resil meta.


Do you realize they are not fully boosted and the level of most apex in the arena is just 26-27-28 , that’s why some of them still lose vs a unique, which by the way is fine. But eventually they will be impossible to beat

i think they are supposed to be equal, they are both hard to get, but apexes are harder which is why they start at 26 or it could just be they are a newer rarity. apexes are supposed to have better stats while uniques have better moves cuz they are a mix of three different dinos, giving them more diversty

Everything has basically been said, Lux can go toe to toe with almost anything even when he’s 4 level under, cera is going to be an absolute swap in nightmare, think of monorhino but way worse (get your grypos ready), trebax is just a victim of the resil meta otherwise really strong (for a cunning). Only one I would agree with is Mortem which is kind of a sidegrade to Thor and slightly outperforms it only once he gets to 28-29 and up. A small hp boost would bring it there.

Apex are strong, you just haven’t seen enough of them yet.


Boost differential, but just because something loses to a creature doesn’t mean said creature is better. Pyri beats Magna but Pyri is a lot worse.

I guess it makes sense. Many times I won match against player who has boosted morty & lux together in their teams with only uniques in mine. I don’t have any apex in the team, but winning majority of matches against them feels like they need some buff


They don’t take as long to get as a good chunko uniques. Anyway, all of them will be top 15 creatures at worst.

that thor is boosted duh

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If you think stuff like Hadros and Cera are no good, I suggest you to not do their raids and/or not use them.

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I do the Apex raids which are a fun challenge. I just feel that once the Apex has been unlocked it seems to be diluted compared to when it is in a raid

Mortem is trash it’s equivalent in strength to a gorgosaurus with bleed resistance and hadros and cera are insanely op cera is the new DSR draco and 1v1 king and hadros is 1v1 monster gorgo is also pretty good

Mortem is actually really good if you boost and play him properly

Okay so how would you play him? Because I have him and he seems to be complete trash

Some speed boosts (mine has 7) and quite a few attack boosts (mien has 11) then you want to use it as a revenge killer or if you can easily one tap something, don’t try to play it like Thor

You play him like thor, as a revenge killer. Mine has max dmg boost, once he is set up, the rampage will 1 hit KO anything and if they bring a cunning, the cleansing impact will 1 hit it most of the time too without even needing a crit.